Why You Should Not Accept an Unknown Friend Request



Why You Should Not Accept an Unknown Friend Request

Godzilla Jungle: Hey

Hemant: ??

Godzilla Jungle: I am a girl looking for a new friend in the city.

Hemant: Who’s this?

These kind of conversations are very common nowadays, by the way I have had a friend request from this name “Godzilla Jungle” and I immediately blocked it :-P. I think all of you will agree that we all have had some really weird friend requests, follow requests on our social media (majorly Facebook). Generally people accept friend requests without knowing the person to “increase” the number of their Social media friends or for whatever reasons. Do you really think that accepting such friend request has no harm? Well you might be wrong this time. There are a hell lot of cyber criminals waiting for you to accept that request so that they can mess around. Even facebook tells people to not accept friend requests blindly.


facebook fake profile


Now you may be feeling what harm can somebody cause through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other SM. I have listed some of the harms below:-

Stealing Your Personal Information

Once you accept that possibly threatening friend request your life is like an open book for the criminal. Facebook is a hub for our personal information like our Birth date, Pictures, Work place sometimes address and phone numbers too. Once your new “friend” has access to all this info it becomes really easy for him/her to commit identity crimes. It becomes easy for them to hack your bank accounts as most of the banks require birth date for identification when you forget your passwords. E-mail hacking isn’t new to us and we all know that some evil minds can really do this, now think the number of harms a person can cause you, on a personal front people get their bank statements on their email account and we all have saved our cards on various online portals linked to our email. Well these are only a few things that I am listing, a criminal’s mind can go beyond the boundaries.


facebook unknown friend


Threat of Stalking

Okay, all of us sincerely update Check-In’s on Facebook, don’t we? Now think how easy it is for a stalker to trace you through your facebook account. I am sorry I am not scaring you from updating check-in’s but this is the bitter truth. Active accounts help cyber criminals stay under the radar, as the person they’re stalking are likely to accept the Friend Request without thinking twice.

Our lives are stored in our laptops, that’s what I believe. We all generally save the important data in our PCs and Laptops to keep it safe. Fake accounts or supposedly cyber criminals post malicious links to one’s facebook wall and their friends’ wall as well, people generally click on the link and BOOM!!! Congratulations you have a Virus and Malware in your computer now otherwise your facebook account is hacked probably. Some links even trick the users so that they reveal their financial credentials.




So I hope you found this information useful and I would like to request my lovely WiseShe gang and all our lovely readers- Always Keep Your Eyes Open and think twice before accepting a friend request. Stay safe and happy 🙂

Do you accept any unknown friend request?

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  1. Ayushi, i’m glad you brought this topic and proud of wiseshe for doing their best in guarding the WS readers. Not just limiting to product reviews or ootds or parenting, the topics you’re addressing and reaching the wider audience are pretty impressive and I’m sure are helpful. Kudos to you guys!! Really!! 🙂 🙂

    • I love love love love these kind of comments Anusha 🙂 Thank you so much for appreciating the idea, this has motivated me so so so much :-* Thanks 🙂 :hug:

  2. This is sooo tru..a pal.of mine recently went thru a bad exp…some1 tuk her fb pics n created a fake fb id n got into “online relationships” under her name…she had t report it n was soninconvenient…we really hav t b safe..

  3. Great post Ayushi and no one better than me understands this and so I have limited friends on fb unlike other of my friends who have hundreds of them. Cyber crime needs to be strictly administered in India!


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