Will Burgundy Hair Suit Me?


Anamika Goswani asks,

Hey!..I have dark black color hairs..I love them..but for a change I want to change them to burgundy . I want to know which hair color will be the best with no bad effects and …I am really afraid to color.


coloured hair bling+hair bling coloured hair




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  1. Color of the hair depends a lot on the color of your eyes and skin. Most Indian women have brown and black eyes. And for most Indian skin tones Dark browns and Burgandy colors look best. Burgandy looks best on women with dark eyes and medium to dusky skin. Light eyes and fair skin with that red hair may not go that well. From what I see in the pic you have naturally dark brown hair and your complexion seems medium to dusky. Burgandy could be a good option if you have dark eyes.

    • hehehe..MissBOpeep! thats not Anamika Goswami’s picture.. thats the picture of my hair and skin …its meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee … 😀 :tap-dance: Ana seem to just upload it to relate to the question :-))

    • Hehe..Well I have dark black natural hairs..Black eyes..dusky complxtion….and I dont know where u saw my pic..probably its not me hehe !! 😀
      Anyways..Thanx for the detail suggestion 🙂
      Coloring my hair wont make them
      dull or white in future naa????1st timer !!!


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