Will You Shave Your Face To Reduce Acne?


Will You Shave Your Face To Reduce Acne?

Okay ladies! Today I am here to not give you a solution but rather put up a question to you. I want to ask you if you will shave your face to reduce acne. I will give you all the facts and expert opinions but you got to tell me what do you perceive out of it and let me know what you would be doing.In my previous post, I told you about what people are saying about shaving face and how it has recently picked up as a regular habit with women. There would be many people accepting it as a good proposition to help wrinkles and ageing and that it also works very well on renewing skin cells by making the fine lines disappear.

How to shave face review

But as long as acne is concerned one must be a little careful about using the razor as it may cut your acne and it is rather advised not to use shaving cream and razor on a face with acne. The shaving cream is however said to be very effective on acne. The skin is said to get better with using shaving cream as it gets smoother and is very clean and soft. There is less of oil formation and since the size of the pores gets reduced, the acne is seen to diminish. However, there is not much information on if it goes off the skin completely.

There is no sure shot treatment to this problem it seems but dermatologists also accept that there is no much problem in making the skin better with shaving. There are a lot of improvements noticed, women being happier about their skins and more so, the skin pores have reduced. These all signal to a better skin with reduced acne or no wrinkles or fine lines.

I would still like to question you that will you look forward to shaving if you have acne-prone skin. If you so do, I would like to know if you are planning it really? Or maybe you are considering dermaplaning. Do note that shaving at home is way different from Dermaplaning and you should consult a good dermatologist to understand the effects and side effects of both.
With this, I leave you with this question and shall wait for your comments to this post. I am also very eager to learn more about these techniques to get rid of facial hair. I am sure you are also done up with the usual techniques of threading, laser and waxing as the solutions.

I hope to receive your comments and post which I might also consider contacting a dermatologist to gather more information on this and share with you. If any of you have already researched over this or have some bit of experience or knowledge about this, please do share. For those who are thinking of pursuing this, I would like to caution them to use this only post consultation with a dermatologist. Also, choose a razor which suits your skin and is single bladed. Do not use the razor you have on your shelves for shaving off your legs! Its too dangerous for your face.

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