Winter Skin Care Regime For Dry Skin


Prerana asks,


I would really be interested in knowing how you girls take care of your skin in winters.:) My skin is dry or I should say combination dry which looks pale in winters.Any recoo ?Also, How about scrubbing? Does scrubbing helps in winter or it should be avoided ?


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  1. Scrubbing is essential twice a week or before you wear makeup.Since dry skin causes flakiness it is essential to scrub it off from your face before makeup. Make sure you use a good moisturizer afterwards.
    A good moisturizer during the day and a rich cold cream at night helps.
    Apply oil on your body once a week before bath and on regular days add a few drops of oil (essential oils would be better) to the water you bathe in.
    Do not use hot water for bathing since it’ll make your skin even more dry.
    Reapply moisturizer as and when needed. Since I have dry skin I reapply moisturizer every 2 hours πŸ˜€
    And drink lots of water! πŸ™‚

    Hope this helps!

  2. (1) Drink lots of water and eat hydrating fruits like watermelon (Avoid watermelon if u have cold / cough)
    (2) Invest in a good face wash that doesn’t completely strip your skin of moisture… if u prefer a face wash that does, then without fail follow up with a moisturiser after a while… After washing the face, dab towel to dry it, don’t rub. Personally I wash my face 3-4 times a day and I don’t believe in sticking to any specific no. but it works differently for different ppl. so you will have to test this for urself
    (3) Try to always cotton-wipe ur face with rose water after washing ur face and let the rose water dry on its own
    (3) Moisturiser / Sunscreen (followed after rose water): I don’t like very heavy moisturising though I have a combination skin so I use either Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock / PondÒ€ℒs Age Miracle Daily Resurfacing Day Cream… they are moisturing enough for me as I don’t like stickiness on my face but if u are in extreme cold area, then personally I find Nivea cream / Lotion to be very good … Whatever you apply, just be sure to never skip a sunscreen
    (4) Body lotion / cream: I’m in love with Cetaphil Moisturiser these days. I like all Cetaphil pdts. They have come out with moisturising creams with sunscreen recently. You can check them. Alternately, I like all body lotions from Nivea. I apply body lotion immediately after shower and again on my feet in the night. If feet feel too dry then I apply cream instead of lotion
    (5) Lip balm: Nothing matches Petroleum Jelly. I use Vaseline (not the lip one but actual petroleum jelly). I have lots of others from Nivea – both tinted and regular ones which I kind of keep handy while travelling. But still for me nothing;’s comparable to Petroleum Jelly.
    (6) Night cream for face: Either Kumkumadi Tailam or PondÒ€ℒs Overnight Repair Dream Night
    (7) Face scrub: I never use a face scrub daily and don’t at all use an abrasive face srcub on my face. From the market I like Lotus Herbals Orange Peel and Alpine Salt face scrub. However, I mainly use home made ubtan for face and body, i.e Gram Flour + Turmeric + Milk cream + Rose Water or home made scrub of Grounded oats + grounded orange peel + honey + curds + some sugar (only if reqd.) By rule, keep a gap of a day or two minimum while using scrubs
    (8) Face Pack: Either Milk cream or Mashed Papaya (everyday or once in 2 days) OR Nature’s Essence Anti Tan Clear (once a week)… I usually follow natural / herbal care routine

    That’s about it. Hope it helps πŸ™‚

  3. I am too lazy so my winter care regime includes using Clean&Clear face wash, scrubbing twice a week with nature’s co coffee scrub which is mild and can actually be used daily and using body shop cocoa butter as a moisturizer which is thick and my dry skin loves it. I use pure coconut oil for elbows and knees which dry out fast.

  4. And yes dont use besan or multani mitti for your face or body. Use green gram flour. Besan dries the skin further. People with oily skin can use these two πŸ™‚

  5. my skin gets extremely dry in the winters….ive always tried diff things but in the end i always turn back to body butters…mostly cocoa butter lotions…last year it was vaseline cocoa butter and this yr its tvs cocoa butter .. no matter wot i try i always turn to this…

    for my face i use nature’s co lotion..i dont seem to remember the name..will check it and let u kno….

    scrubbing is something i do without fail or else my flaky skin will remain this way and become worse…i prefer using moisturising scrubs and face masks instead..Lush has the love lettuce face packs which is a FM and a scrub in one..thats awesome!

  6. i too have normal to dry skin..garnier cocoon body lotion is also good for dry skin.. they are easy to absorb and have mild, nice fragrance… Jergen’s hand and nail cream for day n nite… fabindia’s rose gernaium scrub once a week… and biotique bio milk hydrating pack once a week.. is my regime in winters.. plus sunscreen is a must..

  7. Hi prerna di, πŸ˜€
    how is u? and wat about baby O:-) ?
    is it developing all well :cute:

    Di for body try soulflower rose body butter,
    and for face try lush moisturizer.

    ALL THE BEST for ur beautiful days and experiences ahead :-*

  8. Zaaaaaaaaaara… :dance: :dance: :dance: I am so happy to find you. Ya i luked really different then…I am surprised people remember me from symbi days. I must have attended like ten classes in the entire year πŸ˜€

    • haha! i kno!! its so cool to connect wid u after so many yrs!! we have all changed soooo much! i dont luk like what i used to either…gosh! we hardly even wore makeup then…and now we’re on blogs!! haha!!

      i do remember …how can i forget? rember Penkar and how everyone wud go lattu over him?? πŸ˜‰

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    me used to wear glasses in college n the only “makeup” i did was applying vaseline on lips. i liked the college canteen and the “katta” best…the most “happening” place in college :-))

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      yep, i remember ur specs..i think that was on ereason y i got confused whether u were d same parul πŸ˜‰ r u in touch with anyone else from coll?

  10. Till now m using the ponds age miracle night cream and the almond nourishing cream from aroma magic during the day and use dabur rose water as toner and aroma magic face wash for dry skin its quite moisturising :beauty:

  11. no one not even the friends from my school that were in symbi…but then I hardly ever attended classes so hardly made any good friends…me miss college days so much especially patankar mam lvd her a lot..its so nice talking to someone from college

  12. Yes anamika ponds has suited me so much that i m becoming repetitive its that very few things suit me and wen they do i am ecstatic like ur faces eyeliners and so many other things that u have recommended like lakme lip color no 135 πŸ™‚


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