Winter Skincare Myths Busted


Winter Skincare Myths Busted

Winter skincare is crucial because the surrounding climate has extreme conditions like lesser humidity due to which the skin dries on its own and gives rise to various skin issues. Losing the skin elasticity is also one of the main factors of appearance of age lines too soon on the beauties who have dry skin. So it is important to moisturize and keep the skin hydrated enough at all times including the winter season!

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Well, as soon as the winter season strikes there are so many of our friends who start telling you what to do and so it sometimes creates a confusion as to what should be the right regime for proper winter skincare!

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There are so many myths related to winter skincare that you need to know what is right for your skin to remain healthy all through the dry winter season!

Myth regarding Using Sunscreen-

Since the winter sun is such a pleasant feeling for the skin you do not need to banish to away from seeping it into your skin! Well, that is not true, the warmth is definitely good but the sunscreen should not be put into shelves as the sun rays are still harmful and can cause serious damage to the skin which will be really hard to treat due to continuous and prolonged exposure!

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So never skip the sunscreen lotion and try to stay in the sun only when you have applied a good sunscreen lotion with a broad sun protection value! You can ideally use day creams or foundation products which are enriched with SPF.

Myth related to Skin exfoliation-

It is quite natural to assume that since the skin is not oily or greasy anymore, you won’t catch dirt and grime any more during the winters as the skin turns dry! But actually it is not the truth! In fact, during winters the upper layer of the skin turns dry so quickly due to lack of moisturization that if you do not exfoliate the skin on a regular basis, there will be a cell build up and it may eventually cause breakouts!

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So make sure to buy a cream based gentle exfoliating scrub and use it twice a week to shed the dead skin and promote proper blood circulation!

Always make sure to use a loofah on the body once a week as the skin keep son drying and shedding throughout the winters due to lack of humidity in the atmosphere!

Myth related to Facial & Spa Treatment-

A lot of is have a common notion that the skin doesn’t needs extra care unlike the summers and body spa or facial treatments can be postponed until its a little warm around! Well, this is not true at all and one should surely make a visit to the spa just like the other seasons because the skin needs intensive nourishment and during a spa treatment all of those skin needs are fulfilled! So do not skip a facial appointment, hair and body spa at all even during winters!

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Myth About hot water bath-

Well, since the water is ice cold throughout the winter, it is rarely seen that anyone uses the normal cool water to wash face or even bath! Those who do deserve a clap! Well, this is a personal choice and till you are hydrating the skin well, it doesn’t matter you bath in cold or warm water! But yes there is a difference between warm and hot water and excessive hot water may leave your skin damaged to a certain level that even if you apply the body butter, it still fells scaly or itchy!

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So, the hot water needs to be replace with the lukewarm water and this will keep you warm and won’t do much damage!

Skincare products do not change throughout the year-

Okay, this is surely a big myth and you immediately need to swap some of the summer skincare products with a more nourishing formulation because whatever your skin type is it is prone to change to being dry in the winter season!

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Make sure to upgrade your skincare product stash well in advance as the winter season proceeds!

I hope you find these myths useful in knowing what actually is right for your skin!

Did you know about these winter skincare myths?

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