Wise She & Auravedic Valentines Giveaway!


It’s time to take a mini spa with Auravedic products and that too in a very simple and an easy way.


You can win a gift hamper containing the following products:-

  •  Auravedic Relaxing Body Massage Oil
  • Auravedic Pure Pulpy Face Wash – Rose Saffron
  •  Auravedic Pure Brightening Polish – Amla Tamarind


Just tell us

What are your plans for Valentine’s day ? 🙂

With this



Ayurvedic valentine's day giveaway



  • Contest ends on 14th feb 2013
  • Only to Indian residents
  • Winner will be chosen by brand themselves.


So  let us know what are your Valentines day plan  🙂 Hurrrry! 






      • lolz..sorry!!!
        well,earlier i was supposed to be busy by that time due to some personal problems going on …
        nw..i am a bit relieved so we might go to Saket select citywalk mall …
        my daughter enjoys there at Hangout..i love shopping there and my hubby has his own leisure time.
        This valentine we are going to have dinner most probably at Satwik ….
        or raise a toast at Rockman’s beer island in gurgaon..(where i celebrated my first Valentine after marriage..it was memorable)…..
        whats ur plan ana?

  1. Well this valentines day is special for me coz this my First Valentine’s Day after my marriage, so will be wishing my hubby valentines personally with a Kiss to him. :-* :yippee: and Will be making some of his favorite dishes and will be giving some cute and romantic surprised.. 😀 :inlove: :heart:

  2. both i n hubby hv already applied for leaves at work 🙂

    we are planning to do some shopping, a movie followed by a romantic candlelight dinner…. 😀

    dinner may be at home just between the two or dining outside… 😀

    since we got married we never have beem together for valentines day.. so this yr i wanna make it big.. even though we will be doing not extra-ordinary than others on that day 😀

  3. I Will Gift My Hubby, some nice Chocolates and greetings card :hug-makeup: .
    Also I am planning to gift Good perfume for him 😉
    Then a candlelight dinner with lots of love :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: Dinner will be prepared by me only, also his favorite Sweet 😀

    Already following Auravedic and Wiseshe on FB
    FB Name Radha Krishnakumar
    My FB share link https://www.facebook.com/#!/radha.krishnakumar1/posts/208816319256802

    All The Best For meeeee 😛 :silly:

  4. FB Name – swetha vysyaraju
    Twitter handle – swetha
    My Hubby likes puzzles so I will Make up a crossword puzzle and have all the hints about our personal moments and jokes that only we two would know about and Put it on a poster board and add some of our pictures to it!GrinGrin

  5. FB Name – swetha vysyaraju
    Twitter handle – swetha
    My Hubby likes puzzles so I will Make up a crossword puzzle and have all the hints about our personal moments and jokes that only we two would know about and Put it on a poster board and add some of our pictures to it !!!

  6. i want to cook a full-fledge meal for my man.. chok’lit cake et al.. everything that he loves!!the complex sweets that his mom makes for him to the dark chok’lit sizzler he so loves when we hang out at a specific place..the tikkas he dies for.. he’s sush a foodie and loves a good meal anyday..and i suck at it..so now i am home and learning to cook to please my man and touch his heart through his stomach! 🙂
    oh! it’s gonna be eggs, latte and pancakes right from the morning that day 😉

  7. Hihi…nice giveaway..but I think my plans r goin t b most boring f all…I’m travelling t in laws place right on valentines…n they don’t believe in it so it kinda puts a damper on things….

  8. Valentine’s Day…The special day of love
    My plans…. Since I am single I am gifting a Valentine’s day to my parents. They are miles away from the idea of Valentine’s Day so I am gonna make it happen for them… Got them new clothes and gonna book a table for them in a nice restaurant for dinner and giving them the house for themselves for the whole day n night as I will spend it at my friend’s house …..hope they like all this lovey dovey stuff

  9. Ive just joined my job and got my first salary last month…So for this Valentines ive bought gifts for everyone i love..i.e my family, friends and bf from my first salary…….I will always remember this valentines day coz it’s the first time i will be giving everyone gifts from my own hard earned money…. 😀

    Ive followed all the rules above
    My fb name: Neha Mishra
    twitter handle: neha01237
    share link: http://www.facebook.com/neha.mishra.56/posts/442996125773397
    email id: [email protected]

  10. ofcourse a romantic niteout with my hubby but defore dat this year we hav decided to set a romantic dinner atmosphere in our rooftop as a surprise for my parents in law 😀

  11. Every day is valentine’s day for me.
    Ok to be specific, feb 14th is gonna be a doll up day for my 2 year old daughter. Planning to experiment lot of looks for my daughter (if she is not restless with me experiments on her.)
    I see every possibility of my plan going on a toss. 🙁

    Happy Valentine’s day to all (in advance)

    FB name: Chandana Tantri
    twitter handle: @Chandan78490083

  12. :-)) We got engaged on a day just after the Valentines Day, that is on 15th Feb. And this year we will be completing our 10years of love and relationship. We have never given importance to 14th Feb as V-Day because for us 15th Feb is our day of love and Valentines Day.
    we have planned to spend as much time with each other and I would be making some of the favorite dishes of my hubby and my son.We may plan to go for a movie and shopping. :-))

  13. Im planning to give my hubby a spa day from me… 😀
    ive already purchased the spa products from the market and know how to use them 😉 and this valentine,im going to surprize him by starting the day with breakfast in bed with his favorite waffles and scrambled eggs :heart: .after that im going to give him a long relaxing spa. :hug-makeup: ..after that a romantic lunch at punjab grill or grapewine(and after that shopping ofcourse!i cant resist not going to pantaloons! :yippee: )..then a romantic drive along the sea link :rose: and a long walk at carter road..we will probably have an evening snack at carters.. :pizza: :cake: :coffee: :drink: there are a lot of good places there to chow at..then a drive back home where we will watch our favorite horror movies :giggle: (i already purchased dvds of our favorite ones..we are horror movie fans!) and before we go to bed,ill surprize him with his valentine day gift 🙂 its a surprize! :present: cant say what im gifting him 😉

  14. On Valentine’s day, I’ll put a leave to my office by telling some reason & I’ll spend my day with him. I’m going to surprise him by gifting him some Love Birds. It would be a perfect gift for him on this special day, because Love Birds indicate Pure Love. We’ll go to the Beach & enjoy some time over there and after that we’ll have our lunch at a Restaurant. In the evening, we’ll go for a movie. These are my plans for Valentine’s day.


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