Wise She Beauty Book Tips Which Worked For me


By Shreya,

Hello ladies,

I wanted to share my experience of my stay on Wise She.Two months back I happened to land up on Wise She while searching about some thing and since then I am a regular visitor .The very first day I subscribed to the New Beauty book which was introduced here and I have been following few of the tips of the beauty book religiously.

beauty book Wise She

There are two beauty books in which one book has tips from Anamika and the second book has tips from all the contributors of Wise She.

I followed few of the tips which have successfully worked for me which are as follows:-

1.I have applied  mixture of lemon juice and cucumber juice half an hour before taking bath for two months religiously on my oily skin and my face. This tip has reduced blemishes from my face and my under eye area looks much lighter than what it was before.

2.I now let my hair dry completely and avoid using brush on them when they are wet. This has reduced my split ends occurrence.


Reader contributions book is fantastic there were some tips which were surprising too. Like applying ghee on belly button for smooth and soft lips.I didn’t try this tip but I did try the scrub tip.Now I let me face scrub stay for five -ten minutes and when semi dry then massage it with wet hands.Glow is better than scrubbing.

As I had oily lids most eyeliners never showed on my eyes and after using the tip to apply white eyeshadow all my eyeliner now show up 🙂

Thank you so much for working on this book and putting so much of hardwork!

Note – You can subscribe for Wise She Beauty Book here





    • thanks Kinza…just few days to go for marriage…:)

      hey atleast give us the swatches of your lipsticks and eyeliner before u leave for yur susral 😛

  1. hi anamika….. i want both beauty books……but wen i click on the link…the feedburner syas that i m already subscribed…….how do i get these books…..can u plz send both books to my mail id……..
    😕 😕

  2. ANAMIKA….upar….isi post mai…..on this comment….. 😉

    want both beauty books……but wen i click on the link…the feedburner syas that i m already subscribed…….how do i get these books…..can u plz send both books to my mail id……..else tell me how do i get them…..????

  3. AND I COMMENTED ON THE HIGHLIGHTER TUTORIAL ALSO…..WAHAN BHI ANAMIKA JI NE jawab nahi diya…..to maine socha pooch lun….kya galti ho gayi dental doctor se,…… 😉
    but not ur fault anamika…..itne saare comments hote hai so u tend to miss some….so its ok…..
    but tell me hw do i get these e books…..dono wali…..one by u and one by readers….

    • hehehe nahi i try to reply every one as much as possible..but since few days i was not well so must have missed it out ..:) otherwise u r special guest of wise she na..how can u be ignored.:)

      subscribe the ebook by clicking on the link of get free e book and put your email id in it.

  4. MEEEE….ESPECHIAL GUEST…… :blush: :blush: :blush: :kissing: :kissing: :kissing: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose:

  5. yaar i have tried that,…….but wen i click and put my mail id…..the feedburner says that i m already subscribed…………its not working…
    so please send me the e books personally…..plz…..

  6. yes madam……ready is fun……u’ll enjoy it…..
    and meri wise she e beauty books kab bhej rahi ho ……direct mere inbox mai…..???


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