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 I am sick of shaving my legs every week and it cost so much money .I want to wax them.However, I am a student and an unemployed student so I will not be able to afford salon.Can you suggest me the best way to wax at home?I mean cheap and effective?Also, I don’t have a microwave at home as I live in PG.

P.S-I am not doing it only for money. I am so over shaving my legs every now  and then, and never getting them truly smooth.

Please help.

Thank you


It is always difficult for college student to visit parlors and specially if you are abroad. I myself use to wax at home during my college days.It is so damn  cheap.I suggest to make it quick you can but cold wax or hot wax from outside which cost around Rs 70-80 and then do waxing with waxing strips. If you do not want to splurge on that also then pour sugar, water, honey and lemon juice all together in a heavy sauce pan and heat it over low flame.Keep stirring the mixture to avoid burning it.This mixture can be made in microwave also by keeping it for 4-5 minutes.When all the sugar melts and you form a thick brown liquid let it cool slightly before using it.You can even store this mixture in a heat proof container for later use.
Please be care full when you apply the mixture as it can burn your skin.So do a small test patch before applying it.

I used my old jeans for the waxing strips.It is one of the effective material to pull out the wax.I still have my old strips at my home.You can see in the picture how I have cut them in length and then used them as waxing strips.If you are worried about frayed edges then sew around the edges of the strips with a sewing machine.Though I never sewed my strips and it worked fine with me.
Before applying wax you can dust the area with baby powder or corn starch.To take out the wax use a wooden spatula or your cutlery knife.(It shouldn’t be sharp at all)

                                       You can sew around the edges with a sewing machine

Apply wax on the area where you need to take out the hair and then place the jeans strip on it.Press the strip with your hand it stick to the wax and then pull the strip OFF against the direction of your hair growth.Do the pulling off instantly as you must have seen in the parlor.
I use to do this thing with my female friend.It become quiet easy if done by some one else.She use to pull of my strip and I hers..It was kind of fun too..:P
If you know any other easy waxing method for girls who want to wax at home?

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  1. if waxing is done regualrly then the hair growth tends to get lesser so it is not painfull..if we have lot of hair then it might be pain full for many..

    u should thank yur mom if u don have much hair rentu otherwise waxing is a big task man,,
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  2. hmm but this is organic and home made so it is more then the good quality:)

    wat say?
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