Wise She Diwali Vlog- Lajapat Nagar, New Delhi


Wise She Diwali Vlog- Lajapat Nagar

Hi Ladies!



Diwali Is forthcoming in a few days and we are sure you must be preparing your best when it come to Diwali shopping. Last weekend, Ana and I headed to our very own Lajpat Nagar Market. We bring the glimpse of this vivacious place and I must say It is one of the best place for extravagant Diwali shopping in the Delhi Metro City.


Lajpat Nagar

This is one of the best place in New-Delhi which is loaded with some designer inspired stuff. And it is a massive hit in Lajpat nagar market. It is one of best place to shop and hangout which offers tons of eye-catching stuff at such an affordable price range. Spread on a whopping area, it is famous for phoolkaris, chanderis, brocades, cottons, prints ranging from 3D to tribal and blends fabrics and materials.


We have explore almost every street of this gorgeous place. It was really overwhelming to see the  vibrant glimpse of this stunner zone. We started from the corner of this market. And saw very beautiful designs of candles, Diyas and Flower pots and so on…This is amazing zone to shop imitation jewellery collection..Cool Right?


After a long time, I and Ana enjoyed some street food. It was ‘diet cheat’ and we had kachoris and amazing Lassi. In this zone, Lassi and snacks like bread pakora, potato bun and kachoris are such a treat to both eyes and tongue 😛


So guys, If you are heading to Diwali shopping, do Visit this market, if you haven’t yet! And Don’t forget to check jewelry and footwear stalls, food outlets and Don’t forget to check Diwali series videos on our YouTube Channel- Wiseshe makeup. We wish you all a prosperous and joyful Diwali 🙂


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