Wise She Eye Makeup Contest Winner


Hello everyone!

So here are the winners of Wise She eye makeup contest.We closed the polls at 6 p.m IST but there was some technical glitch which didn’t let it get closed.However the winners were clearly visible @ 6p.m

First winner is Lee.Congratulations.


teal-and-gold-eye-makeup (1)


Tejinder won by 3  votes from Ritika and she is the second winner .Congratulations to you too.




For those who participated please don’t feel sad party never ends at WISE SHE:)






  1. This is very rare that I come out in open but it has been really disturbing .Second winner Tejinder has been too rude , disturbing and impatient.She even accused us for unfair play when the site went down for half an hour.Seriously! will we stoop to such level ?

    Never the less it happens ..another eventfullday passed for Wise She.

    • Forget it Anamika.. some people can Never Change… :sarcasm:
      Congrats Lee.. double wins for u today.. go n enjoy :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right:

    • Ana she showed her true colors kyunki uske mann ki nahi hui. if she had won u wud never have seen this face of hers. goes to show wat kind of people exist around us and its all a learning experience dear. congrts to the winner and we know how fair you are so u don’t have to bother for such paranoid, rude people. WE ALL LOVE UUUUUUUUUUUU 🙂 :-*

  2. I thot only i felt it ana .. But yes .. Eventually its just a contest .. And that too its a fun contest.. Anyway lee congrats !!! Ur makeup is v pretty !!!

      • Seriously! I wud hav bin so easy for u to just blindly announce a winner..after takin all that trouble to short list n then put it to a vote to hear tpsuch baseless accusations… :pissedoff:

      • dont u worry ana. wen 1000 people love u and one is a person who is weirdo why do u have to spoil ur mood thinking abt tat negative person?? think of the 1000s of others who like and love u na. throw her out of ur mind now ok

  3. Leeb is really good. I loved her post and her do as much as Anusha’s. Both were on my hot favorites. Also adored Zara and Chandni’s work. However, there is no excuse to being rude. I would personally say, that a sore loser is the worst thing one can be. That is really sad and is not in the sportsman’s spirit.

  4. Ana, some things are not worth the time and thought. Chill.
    Do somethin nice now 🙂 Go out for dinner :))

    Congrats Lee 🙂

  5. I am upset too but not on u… 🙁
    What to do its a voting based competition which we all are aware of not the talent based.Thanks for organizing this contest and feeling really sorry for u for getting such a negative response from the Tejinder even though she won the second prize finally.

  6. congrats lee..congrats tej..good work !
    Just chillax anamika..dnt take it to heart..it must be annoying but noone can think fr ur point of view n circumstances..
    Be happy..just cuddle anvi..all the bad thoughts will disappear..

  7. congo Lee !! i loved ur fab work .. Ana .. such things happen .. bricks and bats are part of such contests .. it would have been easy to just judge the winner on ur own .. u took pains to as viewers choice .. winner should humbly appreciate it than throw their attitude around..

    Hope this doesn’t happen again .. congo winners .. chill Ana !!

  8. Congratulations Lee!! Your Eye makeup was simply mind-blowing! **Way to go**
    Ana, I guess irrational people exist every where, the best thing to do is not give them a damn, easier said than done, but I guess that’s the only way to go 😐

  9. congrates to the winners…. me voted for ritika ..
    Ana a kind request ,from next time onwards you judge the entries rather than voting… coz people may just ask their friends to vote for them … just a suggestion .!!
    By the way all entries were awesome …me too wanna learn eye makeup :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick:


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