Wise She Friends Meet And Beauty Center Haul


Hi Girls,


Some of the best times in our lives are stumbled upon quite by accident or are completed unplanned. So is the same about my my trip to Mumbai which happened quite by accident. On Wednesday at work, I was asked out of the blue to travel to Mumbai the very next day for 2 days (2nd & 3rd Feb). I was stumped but once my tubelight switched on and I realized I could use this opportunity meet up with blog pals, I let out a mental  ‘Whoopie!’. I am usually always in touch with Kejal (Kej to me) from Nailartandthings through Blackberry Messenger so I immediately pinged her and told her about it. Without even the slightest suggestion she was like ‘What’s your schedule? Lets meet up.’ Let me tell you guys, it felt SOOO good to see that message. Felt awesome!


The next day during travel I remembered that Jyoti (Jyo) from Thingsthatmatter2me also stayed at Mumbai and dropped her a mail on my way. She too replied within the hour and was game to meeting up. Could I BE any happier???? (Chandler style) Since I was a newbie to Mumbai, I looped n Kej and we chalked out our plan to meet up on Friday. Now some may ponder about where about in such a huge city would we plan to meet?? Any guesses??? It was NEW BEAUTY CENTER at Khar!! I’d heard so much about it from Tanveer, Rashmi and everyone else so it was the natural destination to meet up don’t you think? 😉 And since Jyo was also new to the area, Kej played guide for us 🙂 Total fun I tell you..


Since Kej stays in the same vicinity where I was put up, we went together and Jyo  met us there. Let me tell you girls, it was the most amazing feeling meeting them both.  The minute I met Kej, we shared a huge-wala hug and started gabbing away to glory even all thru the cab ride to the store. Same’s the case with Jyo. She’s sooo cute! She walked in and walked straight towards us and gave us a huge chirpy ‘Hi!’. I was stunned that she recognized us amongst all the other shoppers there but really happy too. And ofcourse her next question was, ‘Zara, blush liya??’ Haha!!! Not for a minute did it feel like I was meeting strangers…I know it’s a common dialogue but conversation was just so fluid!


Here’s a pic of the here of the 3 of us… From the left, that’s me, Jyo and Kej…

wiseshe blogger meet + beauty center rendezvouss


The minute I stepped into New Beauty Center (NBC), I was stumped! SO many goodies in one place…I was awestruck..Not that it stopped me from making 3/4th of my purchases from the first 4 counters J  I was so overwhelmed that I had to call up A and screech out my excitement…I’m sure it must have been so apparent from my tone.  After speaking with both Jo and Kej, I’m sure that even she must have felt like hopping on a jet and flying straight to NBC 😉

wiseshe blogger meet

After NBC, Kej took us to Alfa..And Boy! I’ve never seen so many goodies on a single lane! I am super proud of Jyo because she had sooo much restraint while shopping…I wish I had her restraint girls…Kej picked up entire Colobar ka counter I think…She picked up goodies for herself as well as for friends and family.


When you’re with Kejal, its kinda obvious that I’m gonna gravitate towards the nail polishes…Here are the NPs I got after consulting with the expert..I got some Miss Claire NPs (the normal ones & crackle) and some OPIs, a Jordana top coat and Colorbar Pro as well.

beauty center rendezvous + OPI

beauty center rendezvous + haul

Amazing aren’t they? NBC were selling OPIs for 375 bucks after discount so I simply couldn’t resist!


And ofcourse, how can a blush lover like me pass on the blushes? I got blushes from some local brands to try out. And Jyo got me the Revlon blush..Oh Gosh! She was so persistent!! Thanx a ton Jyo I’m loving it already!

beauty center rendezvous + revlon blush

Here are some miscellaneous stuff I got including some yogurt based face masks, a Colorbar liner in Glowing Sapphire and a lip color n pencil form…

beauty center rendezvous+ colorbar

And here are some goodies for my cutie-pie A… It includes a Max Factor Elixir lippy in Rosewood, a Colorbar blush in Peachy Rose,  and an eyeliner in Moonlight Blue along with some masks and NPs from MissClaire and OPI J Hope you enjoy them once you get them…

beauty center rendezvous + max factor

After our shopping expedition, Kej had to leave to go to work…She’d switched her shift so she could come met us, ain’t that super sweet? We were hoping Tanveer would join us for lunch, but since it was a weekday, it was hard for her to come off in the middle. I hope we can meet some time  Tans.. So Jyo and I proceeded to Papillon for lunch and gorged on some Crispy Paneer and American chopsuey and then washed it down with lime soda and Vanilla milkshake (yes, I gulped down the Vanilla Milkshake).


Here’s a pic of us post hogging 😉

wiseshe blogger meet + beauty center haul

After a bit more browsing, we decided to call it a day and returned to our respective home and city..All in all, this was an amazing meet! I wish we could do this more often and hope I get to visit more often..More than the shopping, I enjoying speaking with both of you face to face and found out a lot more about each of…and there’s so much to luv about you guys..Now its your turn to visit Pune..What say? 😉


A huge thanks to both of you for taking out the time to meet up and for showing me a slice of Mumbai I totally loved! Muaah!!





  1. awwww three luk super duper cute :hug-makeup: n zee m not at all J cing ur shopping :alien: n zee same pinch for the shirt :highfive: 😀

  2. Definitely ..thas shall happen soon when zee visit Bangalore :D:D and its always an overwhelming feeling when one meet a person who we have actually not met and just imagined 🙂

  3. me tooooooooooooooooo me tooooooooooooo wanna meet u all :hammer: awwwwwwwwww :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: lucky zee, kejl and jyo :hug-makeup:
    for haul———> :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :hammer:

  4. :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: yup she calld me and asked me what all I need..I spoke to Kejal and Jyoti and then i felt like crying because i wanted to be soooo there….Oopssiii when we will meet we will also call every one from our place ..lolz

  5. hey all, me had awesome fun too and missd A. Was good talkin to you A. Zee let’s catch up soon..mumbai or pune. Nice meetin Jyo too! We shud really hav a big gatherin plannd again.

  6. Hahah!! I m out so can’t reply on each comment..but ana most of us r already lloouuve wit u! LOL!! Gosh I can’t wait to get home and reply on each comment. We had super fun at NBC..zee was like in disneyland. And me was resistin to buy nps. I had a list of things to pick up for mom, aunt and a frnd. Zee wantd to really set up her shop..she was close to inquirin about the owners LOL! She kept gatherin stuff like it wud disappear LOL!! Then me wantd to chk a decent foundation so we harrowed a few SA to chk if they knew their business or not :laugh:

  7. WOWOWOWOOWOWO am speechless and feeling so overwhelmed ….. :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: this is so touchingggggg and all of you are looking beautifulllll and so happy together … :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick:

  8. Me missd lunch. I didn’t change shift..we hav a bit of flexi time. So one day before I stayed back a bit late. And that day we had a team lunch..so I went back straight for the lunch.

  9. You guys all look sooooo cute!!!! I’m so happy looking at the pictures, wish I could’ve been there too!! So much shopping in one day!? I guess thats bound to happen when you put so many lovely ladies together na!! :))

  10. Wow girls, that’s so sweet, all three of you look so happy n yes NBC is jannat for makeup freaks like me, I go crazy :yippee: when I get a chance to visit Mumbai n NBC :-))

  11. oh woww! lucky girls! i too stay in mumbai..how i wish i to have walked past beautyC and agar main Jyo ko dekhti toh hi krne aati! i recognize her unke pix se! aa logon se bhi hi hello ho jati 🙁

  12. Oh this is so awesome!! I can sooo imagine the fun u girls mustve had :yippee:. So happy for u guys…seriously nothing like a day out wid ur gal pals :-))

  13. I love such meetings..Anamika do come to Mumbai and Zara and Rashmi you all too!! And anyone else who wants to join is invited.

    We could do some makeup shopping and learn some new makeup tips and end up doing a makeup video. Please let me know if that interests u!

  14. Omg,zara ur 4rm infy..can’t blv that.the only thng i must do evryday is check wiseshe and i am so hapy 2 learn ur in the same company as me.wel,am in infy bhubhaneshwar and bbsr has no nbc.:-(

    • we really had an awesome time….and i felt like i wish i had more time or atleast i shudhave been there over the weekend so e cud meet for longer!

  15. OMG you guys!!!! This looks like you guys had so much fun!! :laugh: ….I wanna be in mumbai too 😕

    Z, we get to see your pretty face finally…this has been a fruitful day indeed! :tap-dance: :tap-dance:

  16. im so jealous……. if i’d able to meet you……………………………………….. vagwan kare i’d be in mumbai some time in future……… :worship: ………….. great haul :laugh: :laugh:

  17. whoa…awesome!! when i speak to you guys over comments, i feel the same way here!!!!

    :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

    whatta a great haul!!!!

  18. zeeeeeee am wearing the ur nail paints now. :hug-makeup: 😀 coral wala on fingers and green on toes . :tap-dance: was showing hubby those and he was like. what is so special 😐 n i was like Zee got me those 🙁 He remembered seeing them yesterday and corrected himself. I know he does not remember a thing but felt happy when he said of course you showed me those nah.Bottles n fingers mein mujhe pata hi nahi chala ke same hain :rotfl:

  19. I wish I cld have also met you girls for some time! 🙁 .. the three of you look so happy & pretty 🙂

    You had a blast girl, and am so happy you enjoyed NBC – I love that store 😛

    • yea tans…i always wondered y everyone went gaga over the store…and now m also become a big fan!

      next time ill try t come over a weekend so we can all meet up..

  20. U three had so much fun na.. :yippee: :yippee:
    its grt to meet people who share the same intrest . U three looking really cute .. :hug-makeup:


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