Wise She & Fruttini India Independence Giveaway



To celebrate our Independence Day, Fruttini India is hosting a giveaway where 2 lucky gals (or guys) will win yummy goodies from their premium skincare line from Germany. You can visit www.fruttini.in to take a look at their exciting range of flavor combos as well as drool over the gorgeous packing!

Lush body butters and lotions to indulgent shower gels to uniquely scented body scrubs, there’s something for every skin care lover!You can also read my reviews on Fruttini products here, here and here


fruttini giveaway


The rules are simple:

  • Follow Fruttini India on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/FruttiniIndia) and share the post on your facebook page and tag 5 of your friends.
  • Just tell us “What excites you the most about Fruttini?”


1st prize: Products worth Rs. 3000/-

2nd price: Products worth Rs. 1500/-

Sneak peak into some of the luscious products from the brand!


Optional rules:

  • If you post this on twitter, you get 1 extra entry. 
  • Posting this on your blog/ blog post gives you 5 extra entry.


  • Winners to be chosen by Fruttini itself
  • Contest open to Indian residents only.
  • Contest open until 10th August 2013 !!! Hurry!

Best of luck galsss!




  1. Lovely!!! I am hearing so much about Fruttini . I am so tempted to try it. I think this is a good opportunity. I am giving this a try.
    The only worry is I hope I am not tempted to eat it. I heard they are yummiest smelling ever 😛

  2. Done. 😀 Facebook- Bhawna Anwahb Twitter – bhwn.16

    What attracts me towards Fruttini is the very concept that its made out of fruits; healthy & fresh. <3

  3. Liked Fruttini India on Facebook. My facebook name is Divya Asha.
    Shared & tagged the giveaway post: https://www.facebook.com/devi.priya.712/posts/490964550984799
    Generally, I love fruit flavours. Fruttini products looks yummy. I’m sure that I’ll definitely enjoy using these products and also I’m sure that using a product from Fruttini will definitely enhance my beauty. So I’d would like to try out these products.

  4. FB, twitter and blog – done danaa done done 🙂
    What excites you the most about Fruttini – The Fruittini products seem so yummy like fruits .. when i see them, i drroooooooool :). I will definitely have a tough time controlling myself not to eat them :P.
    All the more , fruits are so helpful to lose weight 😉 , i would luv to have fruits and fruittini around me 😉

  5. done in Facebook -Ananya Anishka .
    What I like about Fruttini products is their fruity Fragrance and the huge quantity product they offer .I specially like their shower gels and Body scrubs

    • Facebook Shared link :



  6. amazing! 🙂 I’ve found that my skin tends to change with the seasons, i.e. very dry in the winter and rather oily in the summer. Vivacious fruttini flavor combos perfect for different weather is my perfect skin care regime now. A lot of my problems have cleared up after starting this routine (it’s been about six months now) and my skin feels so soft! Switching to more fruttini products in general on my skin has been a huge help.
    Thanks fruttini 🙂

  7. The most exciting thing about Fruttini is dat all the products seem fun to use. With tempting and exotic fragrances these products will be enjoyed by adults as well as children

  8. Thanks for lovely giveaway:-)
    Liked Fruttini page, shared n tagged on fb,
    Tweet abt giveaway :-

    Wat excites abt Fruttini is d name itself first as I love fruits n to use fruity body care products on skin I m so excited:-) the irresistible yummy fruit fragrance will keep me fresh n cool whole day.
    Be it strawberry cherry peach grapes etc I love to use their awesum products 🙂

  9. I have tried Fruttini Body Butter coco banana and just loved its textured and smell, its composition is perfect and all the ingredient used to make it are great for you skin. Fruttini has wide variety of yummylicious products that made me drool over it..smells great and quality is awesome and over all a fabulous experience i had.

  10. I like it coz I tried the rasberry and cream flavoured lotion from a friend once and had to get one for me once !
    and since I am a person who likes to keep high chemical content products away from my skin , i love the fact that the product are all made out of fruits and natural stuff !!

    And the blog , face book post done!!

    blog link :http://moonshineandsunlight.blogspot.in/2013/08/an-independence-day-giveaway-by.html


    fingers crossed!!
    my first giveaway entry after all!!

  11. FB entry :1. https://www.facebook.com/shruta.padave/posts/10201773870213120
    2. Cool Contest Frnds group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/448138185281105/permalink/493407307420859/

    Twitter entry :1.https://twitter.com/Shrutap/status/365148998534828034
    2. https://twitter.com/Shrutap/status/365149600446812161

    Since the products are made from natural ingredients and are so attractive and look good enough to eat, would love to be pampered at least once 🙂

  12. First of all thanks for organizing such a mouth watering and yummylicious giveaway for your fans.. 🙂 well, what excites for me the most is its Quality Brand which offers variety of Products, Secondly fruits are the natural resource without harming your skin,. thus this brand has done a tremendous work of providing natural fruits products, which will definitely attract maximum customers and moreover, i want to try its products too.. because of its immense quality and fragrance.. 🙂 done with all the steps..here is the link
    1.) TWITTER LINK :- https://twitter.com/maggi_jain/status/366580841477971969
    2.) FACEBOOK LINK :- http://www.facebook.com/megha.jain.7311/posts/395774937189131


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