Wise She Know The Blogger Series : Meet Anshita


1. What is your name, where do you blog, and what are we likely to find there?

I am Anshita Juneja and I hail from Delhi. I’m a MBA and studying Marketing and HR currently. Yup beauty and brains can go together! I blog at www.vanitynoapologies.com. I update Vanity No Apologies once or twice everyday on makeup reviews, bridal diaries, street style, DIY posts, eye makeup tutorials, reader queries and everything girly.
And not just me, I’ve got a full team of contributors who write such honest and detailed reviews to help you girls out there and save your money. Well most of the times we splurge more than we save!

2)What are your favourite type of posts to write and read?

I love to read about DIY posts and makeup tutorials. I write on a lot of DIY stuff on my blog ranging from how to make an anti-dandruff shampoo at home to quick face masks for a healthy glow when in a hurry!
3)What is your skin care routine?
Since I’ve got really oily skin so I stick to Cetaphil cleanser for morning and night. I use Lotus spf 30 gel sunscreen which works as a moisturizer too. At night I am currently testing Kaya Brightening Serum. On weekends I use DIY face maks (haa!) or the new Lakme ones.

4) What are your makeup essential

Lakme Kohl Ultimate..I can’t leave home without applying a kajal. Other than that Ponds BB cream and a tinted lip balm. Oh you asked for one? Well..I’m a beauty blogger so come on!

5) Whats your skin type?

Combination with an oily T-zone, acne prone. But I love my skin in winters..it behaves well and you don’t need to go bath in a cold cream!

6) What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to any blogger?

You have to be regular and persistent with your blog. No lazy asses!

7)How did you come to know about www.wiseshe.com

Ana and I’ve been following each other from more than 3 years when we were both beginners and there were only a bunch of beauty bloggers in India. Even after all these years of crazy blogging, now I don’t get the time to comment on every post..but I still read all the posts. And not just Ana, all the writers at Wise She do such detailed reviews which I totally respect.


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  1. u look lovely anshita, i think u r the only blogger from whose blog I came to know about several B B Creams and their review from international brands 🙂 thnx n keep up the good work


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