Wise She love – Thank You Sonakshi



Wise She love – Thank You Sonakshi

Hey all the beautiful people, hope you all are doing well. Well it’s been almost one year that I worked with WiseShe and let me confess it has been one of the best journeys of my life and I must Congratulate WiseShe for all of its success and for having wonderful writers. There was a time when my posts were flourishing with so much appraisals but there came a time when I couldn’t fulfill what this blog demanded out of me (personal issues), I had bothered Anamika to death, trust me. She is one of those people who is not only beautiful from outside but from inside too. She had been a great guide, teacher, and mentor to me who showered immense love on me throughout my journey with WiseShe and even after that.


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So just to bid adieu to this ever-flourishing blog, I have a small blog post for Anamika as a Thank You gift.

This post is about the fashion and success story of Anamika, who is an inspiration for many.

Anamika is not just about a lady or a fashion blogger but much more than that. She is a sum total of an amazing wife, a perfect mother, a fashionista, a friend to yearn for, a woman to inspire, a morale booster and an Amazing Human Being. WiseShe itself represents Anamika Sureka.

Here is a photo collection of Anamika in all her avatars-

As a fashionista


anamika fashion


Be it palazzos, maxi dress, jumpsuit, pencil skirt or a suit, she doesn’t stop from trying anything that suits her and enhances her personality further. She has got a great fashion sense and carries a great confidence in whatever she wears. There won’t be a day when you won’t find her well-dressed. She has got that oomph-factor in her persona that anybody would love.

As an awesome makeup artist


makeup blog wiseshe


Okay I have to admit that I love her makeup tutorials. They are very easy to do and come out with great results. Be it her eye makeup, perfect pout or a flawless skin. She showcases different look and different tutorial every once in two days. Just surf through any of her make-up post and you would be amazed to see how this beauty does her makeup with so much of ease.

As a perfect mom and wife


wisesheblog success story


(First of all I am sorry for stalking your profile Anamika, deep apologies but I had to do this).She comes across as a great mother and a wonderful wife, I had been seeing WiseShe since 2011 and I have seen her emerge as a wonderful human being through these years. She knows all her core responsibilities despite of handing this blog at such a huge scale. No doubt, she is a woman to admire in terms of relationships. And yes, none of us is unaware of Anvika being the next Anamika Sureka. Just look at her posing like her mom and the way she dresses. Isn’t she adorable? Our next rockstar for sure.

Anamika had also been a great fitness inspiration for many women. The way she motivates people to be healthy via her fitness blog is something which is truly commendable.

And this is what she is earned throughout these years- The largest chain of blog with 5 different channels, over 65K Facebook followers, over thousand of Instagram followers, magazines and newspaper coverages, a youtube channel and the hearts of millions of people following her every day.

I hereby wish Anamika, WiseShe and all the writers of WiseShe a very good luck and huge success for all the hard work they are doing. People love you. There is nothing major than making people happy and inspiring them in such a great manner through your work and sweat. Thank You.

Hope you liked this post about success story of wiseshe and its sister blogs?

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  1. Thanks Sonakshi! you just made my day ..its surely not easy to blog and youtube but sometime i just sit back and check out my old post and i realized that this blog has changed my life so much and gave me such life long experience and friends for life..

    Thanks Pragnya 🙂

  2. I really admire women who are independent and at the same time a great wife n mom. It takes a lot of effort, hardwork and love to reach there. My mom is exactly like that and an inspiration to me, now i can say you are one too. 🙂 <3

  3. .My family and friends make fun of me saying so what next are you trying ..What is your “today’s ” passion etc etc..it gets really funny and irritating but this actually is my problem..

    I just want to do anything and everything..

  4. Such an honest and straight from the heart post!
    I too agree with all that qualities which our lovely boss, Anamika has!
    Working for her for an year and being associated with Wiseshe almost for 2 years( in aug 2015) I can’t agree more what Sonakshi has beautifully penned down!

    Sonakshi- babe you are a super talented girl and we loved ur work!

    Ana- be like this always, so spontaneous! :-*


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