Wise She Magnet – 5 Ways To Flight Flakes ( From Good House Keeping )


1)Soothe Your Scalp – Itchiness and flaking could be symptoms of dandruff- or of dryness, says Paradi Mirmirani,MD, A dermatologist in the U.S.Use an anti-dandruff shampoo for two weeks to quell inflammation.(Try Fiama Di Wills Anti- Hairfall Shampoo or Garnier Fructis Anti-Dandruff Shampoo) No improvement? See a dermatologist.


5 ways to flight wakes



2)Drop The Brush – Repeated brushing provokes showers of flakes.Style hair once, then touch it as little as possible, says New york City Salon owner Sam Brocato. Try his tip:Mist the crown of your head with a firm -hold hair spray-it coats flakes with polymers so they will remain at your roots until your next shampoo.

3)Resist The Uge To Scratch – Though a common reaction for both dry scalp and dandruff sufferers.It isn’t the solution.It releases enzymes that activate nerve receptors that makes you feel itchy.Creating a vicious cycle says Gil Yosipovitch, MD, a dermatologist at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston- Salem.NC’So the more you scratch ,the itchier you’ll feel

4.Combat The Weather – Low humidity can exacerbate dry scalp and dandruff, says new york based dermatologist debra Jalman,MD Use a humidifier at night , whenever you shampoo.Use tepid water (hot water dries out the scalp).Avoid  drying your hair with a blower and refrain from using alcohol based hairstyling products.(Try L’oeal Paris Ever Style Alcohol Free Collection.

5.Address The Cause – Got dandruff again? Blame it on yeast.It lives on our scalps,feeding off sebum and releasing oleic acid, which may lead to a reaction- dandruff.But don’t give up , Use an anti -dandruff shampoo, says Jim Schwartz Ph.D, a scientist for P&G.Ingredients such as pyrithione zinc work to keep yeast in check.


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