Wise She Meet The Blogger – Anshul


1.  What is your name, where do you blog, and what are we likely to find there?

My name is Anshul Bhargava. I’m a delhi-born girl, that lives in Singapore. I have a fashion/humour blog,anshul90.com . Here, you’ll get to see lookbooks, reviews, style advice, beauty advice, with tons of dark and witty humour.
Anshul wiseshe

2)What are your favourite type of posts to write and read?

I love reading all sorts of posts! As long as they’re informative and fun, you’ve got my attention. And I usually write fashion-related posts, because I feel that your clothes and way of presenting yourself is so much more important than just mere make-up. In fact, i always make sure my readers laugh at least once by the time they finish the post.

3)What is your skin care routine?

I start off every morning with St.Ives scrub, followed by Neutrogena’s deep cleanser. After that, I use Neutrogena’s toner, a serum, White Tree, from The Face Shop, and SPF50 sunscreen, once again from The Face Shop.
At night, i wash my face off with my Neutrogena deep cleanser, and then once again, use a toner, a serum, an under eye cream and a night mask.

5) Whats your skin type?

Normal to dry.

6) What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to any blogger?

This is so corny but really, just be yourself! It’s better to be hated for who you are than to be loved for who you’re not. 

7)How did you come to know about www.wiseshe.com

Either I’ve been living in a cave all this while or my whole life has been a lie because I only found out about the blog today!!! And boy, I’m glad I did!! It’s so informative and so addicting and Anamika is such a sweetheart and a down-to-earth girl .
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  1. i thought it will be an interesting blog, but she uses so many curse words like for every line and call others like ugly… which i dina like.


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