Wise She Meet The Blogger Series – Sahana Ramanand


1. What is your name, where do you blog, and what are we likely to find there?

A. Hi there, I am Sahana Ramanand From Glamour Journals.
Glamour Journals is mixture of beauty, makeup, fashion and lifestyle posts. I do celebrity inspired makeup tutorials, write about my experience with various skincare products, share do-at-home tips that has helped me, write about current global fashion trends and do outfit of the day posts on occasions. I also write about my lifestyle sometimes.
katrina kaif from shoom 3 inspired tutorial 14

2)What are your favorite type of posts to write and read?

A. My favorite type of post to write would be celebrity inspired makeup tutorials because doing a celebrity inspired tutorial is the most adventurous kind of post. It takes studying the makeup and outfit of the celebrity in question, going shopping to buy those makeup and outfits and finally recreating the look as best as you can. Its tedious but the end results are worth working hard for.
My favorite kind of posts to read are about skincare product reviews. I am always on the look out for a miracle skincare product that would do something miraculous to my skin overnight. 

3) What is your skin care routine?

I have a oily, super sensitive skin that is prone to acne. Oh, and I am also allergic to parabens. But I have finally discovered my Holy grail skincare products after years of experimenting.
Morning routine: I wash my face with Vichy Normaderm facewash, apply La Roche Posay effaclar duo all over the face and then finish it off by applying Lotus multi-function sunblock SPF 70[you gotta use sun screen].
Night time routine:  I wash my face with Vichy Normaderm facewash, use La roche posay effaclar astringent, apply pimple cream on blemishes if any and finally finish it off with my beloved La Roche Posay effaclar duo.

4) What are your makeup essential

A. I simply cannot live without my black khol – I usually use Maybelline gel liner or Mac fluidline. Apart from that, I have to have any loose powder or compact in my handbag – I have super oily skin. And my eyebrow pencil[I use Rimmel eyebrow pencil] – I feel defining your eyebrows adds so much definition to your face. That’s about it, I can live without all the other products if I have my khol, eyebrow pencil and powder.

5) What’s your skin type ?

A. Oily, super sensitive, prone to acne. I am allergic to parabens too.
Yes, I have the world’s most difficult skin! I consider it as something of an achievement to have kept it clear.

6) What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to any blogger ?

A. Be yourself, try getting your personality into your posts. Be it funny, quirky, sarcastic, humble, mean…. whatever your personality is, bring it into your post! That will add life to your blog posts and makes them more interesting to your readers.
Don’t try to copy other bloggers style. By doing that, you will just be one of them…. Instead try making your blog your own. That way, even if your blog doesn’t do as well as you expected, it will still give you immense pleasure and pride to know that you are doing something you love and being honest to yourself in the process.

7) How did you come to know about www.wiseshe.com ?

A. Through facebook. I stumbled upon one of Wise she posts in one of the beauty groups – it was a OOTD post. Then I started reading post after post on the website and before you know it, I was addicted.
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