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1. What is your name, where do you blog, and what are we likely to find there?

My name is Vidhi Gandhi- Outfit Blogger of Style High Street(http://www.stylehighstreet.in/). My blog is about daily dressing and ways of recycling fashion. You will find outfits for all occasions and ways to wear a single garment in more than one way. Moreover, I explain dressing in a fun and engaging way through personal style photos and fashion collages.
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2)What are your favourite type of posts to write and read?

It is personal style photos. They are so engaging and to the point. One can easily try and understand whether the style fits her bill. It makes a difference when you wear a garment and just post a product shot. Human portraits make the style more personal.

3)What is your skin care routine?

Clean, tone and moisturise. I use Ponds face wash, rose water as toner, Nivea moisturiser and Lotus Gel sunscreen. I change my moisturiser every season as in summer my skin tends to be oilier. I never leave home without applying my SPF 50 on the face and SPF 60 on the body. I use Maybelline lip balm with SPF. I apply them all 40 mins before leaving home.
For my skin to glow from within, I eat an orange every morning, drink 3 liters of water a day, a glass of soy milk and 3 broccoli idlis for breakfast and eat sprouts as evening snack. I am trying to stay away from outside food as much as possible. In your mid and late twenties be very careful with hormonal changes in your body as it may take a toll on your skin.

4) What are your makeup essential?

I am an eye make up person. I use a liner and kohl to make my eyes look even more expressive. Sometimes I use a light cream shade of eye shadow on my upper lids.

5) Whats your skin type?

Combination to oily which is great most time of the year. But anything can happen to your skin in a humid city like Mumbai. So drink lots of water and eat fruits and vegetables. If you are my skin type apply salt water on your face and neck every alternate day for 20 min. Broccoli and tomatoes are great for your skin. Remember, products are only for external glow.

6) What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to any blogger?

No matter what category you blog, stick to your personal views and style and have great and unique content. Good quality pictures and text are a must. From my personal experience, I have learnt that it becomes very difficult to reach that mark when you do not have the money to market even if you have the best content. So always spare some money for marketing.

7)How did you come to know about www.wiseshe.com

Through Facebook. One of my friend’s liked your page and I found your blog very informative. So I am now following you guys.

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