Wise She Mini Give Away Update


I didn’t receive any response from Shadab and zeeba so instead of choosing any more winners and delaying the process further I am shifting the winner one step up.So new winners are as follows:-

1. Adivaah


3 Fahee

Also , I am getting many mails for nail art tools to be sold .Instead of doing a blog sale I will probably do a give away later once this give away gift find their  new home.:)

Fahee, Adivaah and Bhumika all three of you have mailed me the same choices.So please rank your choices in numbers  so that I will send them accordingly.

Thanks Anamika


  1. hi anamika!today only i saw this post about giveaway.i was checking every day but didn't see any information about this.how should i get to know about winner? only after today's post i got to know that i was d lucky winner 😥 before this no news regarding this.so???????


  2. mmm I am sorry Shadab but I waited for 2 days for you..Now winners have been announced again..I can send you the two eye lashes boxes which are left now .Can't change rules this way.I hope you will understand it because Bhumika and others were also waiting for you so that you can choose your choice.

  3. oh dear!thanx so muchhhhhhhhh!!!!but how come i did not see any post about results as i told u i check wise she 2 or 3 times a day?so tell me now….what m i sposed to do now?

  4. hi dear, i hv added the subscribe plugin on my website.

    n r u sure that u r nt gng to sale any of those dotting tools? i mean there are 15 packets n 5 tools in each. u wd hv to send either 15 or 75 couriers in whole of India…lol.. if u change ur mind, plz let me knw.

    i guess u shd ask frm viewers whoever wanna buy them. in tht way they wd spend the money on courier as well ur money wont be wasted. n if u wd be left with few ones, then do a mini giveaway later on…lol.. (i m just thinking abt myself… so talking really selfishly) 😉 anyway u do watver u think is the best. bt dnt forget my offer.

    n can u plz tell me how can i bring sm traffic to my website?

    P.S. if possible, dnt publish this comment. i just wanted to talk to u. 🙂


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