Wise She & Nature’s Co Make Your Summer Hamper Contest



With world cup fever on lets celebrate it with some mini contest.This contest is a very simple  one :D:D

Nature's company product reviews

How to participate in the contest

We have uploaded the contest picture on our facebook page .You will have to tag the picture and like our facebook page and then go to the nature’s co website and browse the product ranges and pick out 5 products best for summers. When you put together a hamper, mention why you chose those products. The best hamper wins two exciting products from Nature’sCo’s Summer Range.


Nature's co give away


and prices are :-

Nature’s Co. Red and Green Tea Sunscreen Lotion

Nature's Co red and green tea sunscreen lotion review

2. Nature’s Co. Mango Sun Protection Lip Butter


Nature's co Mango Sun Protection Lip Butter review


Contest Closes on Friday 8th of April 12.oo am IST and is open internationally.

Winner will be chosen by Nature’s co. itself

You will have to be a subscriber of Wise She through email to take part in the contest.

If you have any other question to be asked drop in the comment here but you will have to answer the contest on wise she face book page only.


P.S -Our MAC Caviar dream Quad is still on till20th april so in the meanwhile you can keep sending us the entry too :):)


Best of luck every one !!! :dance::dance::dance:




  1. Yay!! :dance: :dance: Me liking this surprise :dance: :dance: I am going to break my head off to think of an answer 😀 😀

  2. this is the world cup surprise…i wonder if u win both the contest:OO:O:O:O

    there will so many jealous there then :rotfl::rotfl:

    wht say Meenu and Amritha:)

  3. this surprise kya.. wow! :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: me toh very excited :evilgrin: :evilgrin: :evilgrin:
    but where do we have to make the hamper and provide reason? and do we have to intimate you or who?

  4. Me likey the surprise :dance: :dance: :jump: :jump:

    And me winning both 😯 Nice to hear 😀 But too good to be true :-((

  5. bahut contest fixing ho rahi hai…no pint meenu anu has already declared who the winner will be… :struggle: 😛


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