Wise She One Year International Giveaway


Alright girls this is my first MAC giveaway and I hope you will be as excited about it as I am. Few of you asked me to do some looks with MAC Caviar Dreams Eyeshadow Quad but I didn’t do that and the reason was that I got this Quad for you guys.

I wanted to review the product before giving  it as a giveaway as it was a limited edition and I didn’t see any Indian blogger reviewing it, that is why I tested it twice.(I will be honest in this before you bump me with whole lot of questions::P)

MAC Caviar Dreams Eyeshadow

You can see the swatches of the product here .

If you are lethargic in clicking the link then let me give a brief intro about this Quad.Most of the colour of the Quad is neutral and this Quad cost Rs 2300 (around$26) .


MAC Eyeshadow Caviar Dreams Eyeshadow


So lets start with the rules –

1.You will have to comment on this post,  subscribe  to Wise She by adding your email id .You will have to confirm your email by clicking the link given in your email. Please don’t forget that 🙂 I will be checking each and every entry.

2. Join us through Google friend connect (join this site) .You can see on the extreme right hand side of this post.

3.Do a post about out giveaway on your blog and drop the link in the comment section.(If you don’t have a blog then you will have to write about the giveaway on your facebook wall post and provide us the link so that we can check out)

and now the last but definitely not the least –

4. You are required to do any product review and send it to us. Products which you review should have not been reviewed already on Wise She and should contain minimum of two original pictures. You can mail us the review in word format with pics at anamika(at)wiseshe(dot)com.

All 4 points are compulsary to be a part of the contest.

Enter closes on 20th april 11.:59PM

*You can send us as many product reviews as you want for each product review you get 10 points each so if you send us five product reviews you will have 50 points  = 5 times more chances of winning the giveaway.

Contest is open to International readers as well .

I hope things are easy and clear.

Just send us the Product review, Comment on this post, Subscribe us through email, Join us through google friend connect and write about the blog post in your blog and this Quad can be yours!!!



  1. hi anamika…very glad to c the post…
    1.i m already a subscriber to u in yahoomail wit id [email protected] 🙂
    2.i already follow you through google connect wit id [email protected] :-))
    3.i did a post on this giveaway in my blog the link is http://megalivingwiseus.blogspot.com/2011/03/wise-she-one-year-international.html
    my blog is a newborn baby..i started it few days back but doing posts everyday so dont mind.. :beauty: :yes:
    4.i m very new wit all this blog thing..so i ll try to do my first ever product review n mail to u..
    this is my my firstever give away participation :clap: :clap: so super excited…thank u anamika :inlove: :rose: :heart:

  2. The much awaited giveaway :dance: There couldn’t eb a better news for holi Anamika 😀

    I’m already a subscriber and following you through GFC. And here is my FB post’s link – http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/csmahalakshmi/posts/198298563526537

    And I dared to wear that Chambor lippy for review purpose with the color toned down by a brown lippy and it looked good :dance: Will send in the review soon. And yeah you might want to mention a cap limit for the no. of reviews coz only today I was preparing a list of products I have planned to review 😀

  3. Am gonna try and do me first review..had a blast shopping in hyderabad…inorbit is heaven for me…fingers crossed :-))

  4. :-(( :-(( :-(( sad i won’t be able to participate in this giveaway :-((
    There is some problem with my facebook since last week, its not opening 🙁
    every time i give username n password, it opens a page “unusual login activity – please review” i don’t know what to do, how to set it right :-(( but i’m trying my best to retrieve my a/c back and soon i may join then..

  5. Hi Anamika
    1)I have subscribed with the email id [email protected]
    2)I have google friend connected with the same id
    3)I have posted abt the giveway in my blog.as u can see!
    4)I will mail u the product review soon………
    Chee ya!

  6. hey nice giveaway, i cant participate re cos product review karne ko no time…. :(, i would have loved to participate cos i fit in the other by default…koi gall nahi, next time…. :-))

  7. Superman’s here :cloudy: :thunder: :rain:
    1. already following since ages (GFC): [email protected]
    2. already subscribed since ages: [email protected]
    3. will post on FB tonight… you can check it tomorrow or you want the link here?
    4. will send the review. i have told you na one article m writing is underway, guess its time to complete it now :laugh: :laugh:
    Very excited :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

  8. hi anamika ..i so so so want this … :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :inlove: :inlove:
    my email id is [email protected] through hich i follow you
    i am following you through google connect and also on facebook
    hers my link to your giveaway on my blog http://shivanismakeupblog.blogspot.com/2011/03/international-mac-giveaway-by-anamika.html
    hers a review of satsuma body polish by the body shop done by me

  9. Hi Anamika,

    I know am late, but wanted to give a try and see my luck ( i know am not lucky)

    I tried to subscribe now, it says i am already on the list
    I have linked this giveaway news on to my face book. No idea if i have done the right way…but i can see you on my facebook
    I have also referred this site / giveaway news to my friends…
    Product review….most of the product which i have bought is only after seeing the review on this. But yes, i will surely make one.

    Last but not the least…weren’t you liking this quad too much and you were longing to have this…Y do you want to giveaway my dear…!!

  10. hi anamika..
    exams got over only yesterday when i saw this..can i still enroll…..
    really sad that i couldn’t enroll way ahead coz of my hectic exams;((

  11. hi anamika .. i entered a long time ago but have not mailed you my review!!!!
    is it the recent one you want??
    have i been enterd ???
    pls tell if i can reenter or should i just mail you the review again!!!

  12. hi anamika .. i entered a long time ago but have not mailed you my review!!!!
    is it the recent one you want??
    have i been enterd ???
    pls tell if i can reenter or should i just mail you the review again!!!

  13. foloowing u everywhere gfc shamila habib facebook shamila habib twitter shamila habib……so excited to win this 😀 plz make me win


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