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 Mitra asked,

HI Anamika…loved your oily/acne scrub tip….btw i needed somemore info regarding scrubbing.

1-What is the frequency one can scrub their face?
2-What is the right method to scrub?
3-What is the right time of the day to scrub your face?
4-Are there and to-dos before and after scrubbing?

Please answer these for me 🙂 i have an acne prone/oily skin which leave ugly brown/black pigmentation and i find it reaaaaallly reaaaaly difficult to get rid of them. Please letme know if there is any scrub in the market that can help me with this.(pssst….i’m very lazy preparing my own scrub…i’m more of an on the move girl…hehe)

Thanks for all the lovely tips u give.
 Hi Mitra,
Thanks you for liking all the Wise She tips.These tips are collective effort of many people and not only me so won’t take all the credit by myself
Face scrub – The main aim of face scrub is to remove deal cells from the surface of our skin.Our skin take about two weeks to replenish it self therefore one should not over scrub their face daily.When we scrub our face too often scrubbing strips off the skin of its protective oil which can disturb the pH level.Scrubbing removed the dead skin cell and give us fresh skin but doing it too often harms the skin.

Every one skin differs.Some skin may recover faster than other.I will recommend scrubbing twice a week if you have oily skin.Use products which are not too harsh for you skin.If you have real sensitive skin then do just once a week.
While scrubbing our body loses protective cells therefore be sure to mositurizer and use sunscreen on your face when you are done with scrubbing.
There are many people whose skin irritates due to scrubbing and even flakes out too.They can use a moist soft towel to wipe the dead skin off if scrubbing don’t suit them.
Right method to scrub /How to exfoliate your face
1. Wash your face with a cleanser so that all the impurities gets removed.
2. Now when your face is moist apply any exfoliating product or scrub on your face.
3. Don’t be harsh with your face and use your finger for scrubbing.Just use gentle circular motions  and avoid the eye area because the skin at that part is quiet sensitive and can get damaged due to harsh products.
4. Rinse your face with luke warm water and pat it dry.
5. Apply any mask which will bring a glow to your skin and nourish it.
6. In the end apply moisturizer and sunscreen .
As you are a lazy girl I recommend Body shop loofah for face scrubbing and exfoliating body gloves for body scrubbing.They both are not harsh and work well for most of the skin.You just have to rub your face with the loofah in circular motion .
What is the right time to scrub your face -I have no idea about this but I generally do it in afternoon or morning … I am sure you must have annoyed your teachers many times Mitra …Just kidding
Do’s and don’t of scrubbing – I think I have covered this above it self.Still will summarise it below for better clarification:-
1. Don’t exfoliate your skin every day.
2. Don’t use harsh toner after exfoliation .

3. If you are using market product then stick to your product.Exfoliating with different types of product might harm your skin.

4. Don’t be harsh with your skin while scrubbing
5. If you can use home made scrubs then there is nothing like it
6. Do not forget moisturizer and a sunscreen after exfoliation.
Products for removing acne marks /scars – Try Fab  India di – pigmentation cream.This is the best which I have come across till date.Even oriflame has acne scar cream which worked pretty well and removed the darkness of the face. I don’t know weather it is available now but if you want I can find it out for you.The name of the cream is Dermo professional resurfacing polish.It comes with a scrub and a cream.Worked well on my skin.
Do you know any other product which can help Mitra in getting rid of acne scars.?If it doesn’t work then herbal remedies are always here.
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  1. I got this product some 2 years back..at that time it was of rs 1600 but thing is it worked for me big time 🙂
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  2. Yupp…it is a great product …and decently priced..u will like it…

    did u watch the CWG ceremony yesterday ?
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  3. yup..i felt so proud..hey u going tomorrow na..it will be little difficult for you there..check out haan.Because of CWG there can no some road blockages and all.
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  4. ya i know. we are aware of that and kinda wary abt the whole thing. but hubby would get leave only now…otherwise would have postponed the whole vacation. ah anyway……..hope everything goes well 🙂
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  5. He He…so u r going to Inorbit again :((…and i havent; been there since 2 months..hey is there color bar in Inorbit?
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  6. heyyyyy am hearing a lot abt body shop facial exfoliation loofah from ur blog, tanveer's and also from a lot of other blogs….I exfoliate every 3 days 'coz I have super oily skin. maybe I should check this one out
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  7. ya i know. we are aware of that and kinda wary abt the whole thing. but hubby would get leave only now…otherwise would have postponed the whole vacation. ah anyway……..hope everything goes well 🙂
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  8. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou…..Thanks a ton Anamika…… love you girl… 😀

    This was real quick….i will definitely get the Body Shop face loofah. I remember reading a post of yours on it. But dint know if it would suit my skin. Will be running back to Inorbit to get one 😉

    And i did try the fab india de-pigmentation cream. But it gave me acne. I will give it another chance this tonight, i guess there were others reasons for it (hoping so). If it doesnot work then i will order the Oriflame one.

    And yes, i did annoy my teachers back in school …lol… :$ you are a genius. 😉

  9. Thankkkkkk u so much Anju….I am goin gto try this and share it with the readers.

    loads of love

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  10. Actually the best time for doing your beauty routines ranges from 4-8 in the evenings and 11-12 at night times. This is the time when skin cells have maximum turn over and body regeneration process starts. So, it is always better to do your beauty routines in the night time as sleep provides the perfect compliment for regeneration and the effectiveness of the products would be better absorbed at these times.
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  11. i had lots of walnuts with me, and some of them became little oily ( kept for long time outside the fridge 🙁 )
    while surfing i came thr homemade walnut scrub
    i tried that and it does wonders for the face
    grind walnuts and keep them in fridge

    take 1 tsp, either add dahi, or tomato juice, or cucumber juice or both the juice, add add honey into it and apply it on the face
    keep it for some time, gently rub it out
    the face really becomes soft and glowy
    try this

  12. I think i saw a Color Bar at Shoppers stop….i havnt seen one at Inorbit though..Kathiyawar has a very limited stock again…shall tell you once i come across any of it..


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