Wise She reader question – Best face wash for dry skin

Jiya  asks,
hyii… Anamika.. I have dry skin so can u plz tell me which kind of face wash and cream i ve 2  use…                                                                                                                                                                                     

Hey Jiya,
I don’t have dry skin but some of my friends like Tanveer and Mamta do.I can only suggest what I have read and discussed with them.
Some of face wash which have worked  for them are
1. Neutrogena Deep Pore Gentle Cleanser
2. Himalaya Gentle Facewash Gel 
I reviewed Shahnaz Hussain Shamoist enriched moisture which didn’t worked for my skin at all but my friend Mamta and Rakshanda were raving about the product.Then there is Fab India vitamin E moisturizing cream which works well on dry skin .
I thought of taking up the query here so that all the dry skin people can help you out.Do you have any dry skin favorites?
Hope it helps
Love your HUNK
Your neighborhood friend
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  1. Hey! Thks for the link love 🙂

    Jiya, I'll share my routine with you, you adapt as it suits you. For cleansers I like Himalaya gentle exfoliating cleanser or face wash gel. If my skin is feeling particularly dry I use Neutrogena gentle deep pore cleanser. Another fav is Lush Angels on Bare skin. It is expensive but gr8 for dry skin. I generally use these in the morning only.

    For moisturize I use Fab India Vit E gel (for oily skin) in the morning as thick creams make me sweat a lot. This is light & easily absorbed. Plus I carry a simple moisture lotion (the body shop moisture white) with me always to take care of dry patches.. Then in evening I cleanse my face by using either Jergens cream or Garnier Cleansing lotion or even plain sesame oil. I follow with a splash of plain water & apply a thick moisturiser like either Jergens or Fab India Vit E cream for the night.

    I hope this helps you. 🙂
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