Wise she reader question :Best water temperature to wash your hair

Niti asks,
 Can you tell me what is the best water temperature to wash your hair.I am confused about it as some of my friends says it is cold, some warm and some hot too.What do you suggest?

 Hi Niti,

Those who have healthy hair and simply wants to shampoo his or her hair moderately can use warm water.Benefit of using warm water is that it allows the shampoo to remove dirt easily .If you are in a habit of applying oil before shampooing your hair then warm water helps in removing the oil from the hair.By using warm water even conditioner smoothens the hair easily.

 There are times when even cold water also helps the hair. For example if you give cold water rinse to your hair after shampooing and conditioning then it helps in tightening up the cuticle layers .Cold water rinse is beneficial for those who have oily scalp.Cold water prevents excess oil production from the skin.

 Do you know the right temperature to wash your hair or do you have any tips or guide lines to give to Niti?

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  1. hot water generates more oil..but it is difficult to use cold water as the last rinse in such cold places.
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  2. I like the idea of cold water. I don't like hot water because where I live, we use hot water 12 months of a year (yes, 12 months) and it has turned my normal scalp into an oily oe.
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  3. then thankfully Finlandwont damage your hair:)…it must be cold there na?
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