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I am a working woman and I am fond of makeup.Problem is I have eye bags under my eyes and they are quiet visible especially in the morning.Can you tell me some way to conceal them or any product which you can recommend.?



Hi Niti,
I don’t suffer from eye bags or puffiness therefore I am not aware of any special product which can conceal eye bags but I know a trick which works for me.Whenever I have a night out my eyes becomes  generally swollen and puffy, for this I blend my foundation with a shade that is one or two shades lighter than the foundation which I use. I Apply the foundation on top of eye bags or puff area  with a cosmetic brush and blend it lightly.
Before applying the foundation if you dip a cotton swab in rose water and then put it on your eyes for a while it will reduce the puffiness and settle down the eye bags a bit.
You can read some under eye bags remedies here

Do you know any tips which can help Niti?


    1. I was like u before my marriage but frustrating work hours killed all my passion 🙁
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    2. I have puffy eyes and they ahrdly go away. But yes massaging any under eye cream does help in reducing that, just be regular.

      In response to your comment:

      Hun, I am serious I do everything on my own. I have not even kept a washiong machine just because I like hadn washed clothes. I'm silly, no?

      And yes, you can always ask V…!! ha ha

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    3. someone told me that one should never apply anything oily on ur eyes or under ur eyes.. caz it will increase the puffiness .. :-s so m kinda confused.. i bought an eye cream a weak ago.. and m still using it… not that i see any difference.. but i used almond oil yesterday for the very first time .. ok no puffiness thank god… but do i have to sleep wid it :-s kinda confused

    4. Candy we all remove out eyemake up with oil..applying under your eyes or in and around the eyes is the safest thing to do …:)yes u can sleep with it..it will help in removing dark circles
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