Wise She Reader question – Lightening skin of hand and foot

Hi Anamika,
I need some beauty related help. I hope you will care to answer some of my questions.
First let me tell you that I have a oily skin and curly dry hairs. So my questions goes like this:
1. How can I keep my hairs little straighter, shiny and avoid frizz? please tell me some good products for them like serums etc.
2. What are the good products for cleansing, toning and moisturizing as I want to make it a routine too?
3. Suggest me some products for lightening skin of hands and foot.
Please let me know which brand and if you can specifically tell which product would be better for me.
 Dear Poonam,
1.For frizzy and shiny hair you can use loreal hair serum. You can also apply egg in your hair.It helps in giving one shiny and reduces frizz. I have not come across any product which can give your straight hair but using a good quality conditioner does help.
2.If you have oily skin then  rose water toner will suit you the most as a toner.Fab India tea tree face wash and Neutogena face wash are a good cleanser for oily skin. On higher end you can try Lush cleanser for oily skin that too works well.For moisturizer I will recommend you Fab India vitamin E cream and lotus Alphamoist moisturizer.You can also go for Body shop vitamin C moisturizer.Works well for oily skin.
3.Scrubbing and dry brush helps in lightening the skin of hand and foot.Dry brush your skin every day before taking bath and scrub twice in a week.You can use Body shop gloves for scrubbing as well.You can apply the age old fair and lovely or Garnier skin whitening cream on your hand and feet. It helps in removing the tan of the skin.
Do you have any tips to share with Poonam .Can you recommend any hair straightening products to her?
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  1. dear poonam… to control frizz and for shine u can try leave on conditioners…. some good are available in body shop… try n use hair serums free of silicon…… n for fair hands and foot.. u can massage them with coconut oil, almond oil.. wtever is available with you… before goin to bed…

  2. hey thnks a lot for taking time fr me…i wud surely try them…a combinational skin of face, dry hards n feet n curly dry hairs usd to scare alot…but i guess no more…i hv alrdy starting using a lot of remedies n products suggested by u n dey r really working well…thnks agn for replying dear….

  3. I went for this misturiser rentu but didnt remember the exact name so got another cream of lotus to try..:P

    compact powder for what Rentu..u mean on hand and feets..if yes than how much do they cost?
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