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Hey Anamika 

My self Priyanka. I am 30 years and stay in Bangalore.  I regularly follow your website and I must say that I have been benefited by it.  I love to do eye makeup but my eyes are so small and till now i am not able to find out the right kind of eye makeup. I am sending u my pic with the eye makeup on , can you please suggest me what kind of eye make up i shud go for ??
would really appreciate your help.

Looking forward for your reply


Hi Priyanka,

Thanks for liking Wise She.
You look so pretty and with this peach and cream complexion you can experiment with many eye shadow shades.Your eyes are proportionately smaller in comparison to rest of your facial features you can try below tricks to make your eyes look bigger
1. Always apply brown kajal pencil for a wide effect.Brown Kajal opens up the eyes and will make them look bigger.
2. If you want to give almond shape to your eyes apply eyeliner or kajal at the outer corner of the eyes.
3. Use three coats of mascara which will seperate the eye lashes and give volume to them .Apply mascara on both the lower as well as the upper lashes.
4. Avoid thick back lines as this actually close up the eyes.You can smudge the lines instead,  to soften up the eyeliner.
5.You can use white eyeliner in the inner rims of your eyes.

How to  make your eyes look bigger with makeup

1. Use light shades of eye shadows.Light eye shadows make your eyes look visually bigger.You can use pastel colors eye shadows in the inner corner of your eyes and apply darker shade to the outer corner of your eyes and the crease.
2. Avoid smoky eyes or dark shades .They make small eyes looks even smaller.
3, A highlighter will help you.You can use it in the inner corner of your eyes and under brow bone.
Do you have any make up  tips for small eyes ?
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  1. hmm then u ca try other tricks lining with brown pencil an using three coats of mascara..:)
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  2. u child is sooooooooooooooooooo sweet…………………

    u r also so beautiful

    and anamika i also hav small eyes but that white eyeliner doesnt benefit me ……i dont like that:|:|

  3. okay……………….

    but the bad dark under eye circles yaar………………

    i hav just fed up i hav tried lot of things but ………………………no result…..

    my eyes r brown and little bit beutiful also but the these dark circles look them bad …………:|

  4. yaa Priyanka…it becomes really difficult to manage home with kids…and i am already scared 😛 as i always have pending work all the time with me..Imagining it with kids will be horrible for me. 😀

    but i guess we dolearn it..

    and by the way…your kid is so adorable..whats his name?
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  5. thanx all for compliments ….
    hey anamika i am sorry for replying late as was very busy with my work …u know with small baby it becomes very difficult to take out some time during the weekends..anyways thanx for the lovely tips I will definitely try them out and will let u know the results …


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