Wise She Sale Alert (October Week1)



  • E bay – This week and I and Zara akka Zee order nail polish remover tissues.These comes in six flavours and each box contains 32 pcs.All these six boxes cost Rs199 only :dance-leftright: Product reached with in ten  day to us.You can check out thisebay seller he has some other stuff which is decently price and might be of your interest.

Nail Polish Remover pads Ebay


  • Buyincoins -Buyincoins .com is running an offer of buy 2 get one free so those who are interested in some nail art tools can benefit now from the offer.
  • Urban touch –  is giving free assures surprise offer with minimum purchase of Rs500.
  • Fashion& you – is running flat30% offer on all H20 products.With this if you are looking for some body spa with some acupressure in Delhi then there are some great offer running .
  • Healthkart.com -is runing  a special karwachauth gift ideas . With this Don’ t forget to win the free gift coupen or get Rs100 as discount from there by entering  Wise She & Healthkart giveaway
  • 99labels – Something for those who cooks.99 labels is running 20% off Usha Eurolex cookware.
  • Strawberry.net – is running special offer for their Indian customers by giving free IsaDora lipstick in Discreet Beige on every 25$ and above purchase.
  • Voguemagnet .com has sale on soulflower products
  • Retailmart – 10% off on Coloressence
  • Coastalscent has 25% off on all lip products

That’s from our side 🙂 If you have anything other offer running then do share in the comment section.
Happy Shopping !!!
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P.S – I am not affiliated to any of the above sites this is just for some wise purchases 🙂


  1. I have ordered some 7 nail paints from Urban touch … 😀 I am gettting the surprise gift as well … I think i’ll get my stuff tomorrow or so … :tap-dance: :dance-leftright:

  2. The only thing I could see is

    Guess what u and Zara bought is gone :idk: No probs, next time.

    Btw, not related to this post but can anyone pls. suggest how to remove nail-paint if nail-paint has got stuck to ur stuck ‘coz of fevikwik… I was using fevikwik to stick something and a lil got transferred on one of my nails, Now the nail paint on that nail’s not coming off only. If anyone of u know, then pls suggest a solution… would be of greattttt help 🙂

    • Hey Forum…this can actually b pretty damaging to the nail…i dont kno of a clean way of removing it but in the past when similar things have happened to me, i take a smal bowl and fil it with some NP remover…then just soak ur finger in it for like 3-4 mins to let it get all soft…and then try scraping it off…if it doesnt come out with ur nails itself, it try using a nail file or a cuticle wala tool to scrape it off..this is wot i’ve done..

      the scraping thing is a bit damaging to te nails, but nothing which cant be repaired with a gud cream and lots of TLC 🙂

      • ouuuiiiii… the process sounds a lil scary with scraping et al :laugh: :laugh:
        guess I’ll just allow it to grow out with my nails… it’s tiny and luckily I had a nice colour on my nail that time so it’s not looking ghastly
        I asked the same question to a couple of my colleagues n they were laughing at me saying God only know what all u end up doing :laugh:

        N yes I love nail art … I may not have any make-up on my face but my hands and feet nails will always be ‘Tip-Top’. Infact, I have one big dabba bhar ke nail-paints and love pinks and peaches, thoh have lots of other colours too 🙂

        • haha..naa..it aint as ghastly as it sounds..pretty simply infact…i am a bhandaar of such clumsiness…i keep doing aada-teda things and cause mishaps 🙂

          ive started nail art only recently after starting to wise-she..otherwise even i used to collect only peaches and corals..hey…if u like peaches and corals, check out oriflames new catalogue..they have a nice new LE lippy and NP in coral red…ul luv it!

  3. Ooooh! I’m liking the F&U and UT offer both. But I wish UT was more open about the free gift. I hate much mystery surprises. I hope it is not something stupid. 😛

    • i dont like the smell at all actually..its a tad bit too bitter for my taste…lekin lets see how it works for my skin…i had tried it ek baar but had switched back to the rose one..fingers crossed..

  4. I got only one sample and that too opened up inside the box and messed up everything 😥
    hate that hate that… :bangbang: urbantouch :reallypissed:


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