Wise She Santa Giveaway – MAC Pink Pearl Pop Lipstick


Merry Christmas everyone!

Now that party season is upon us and we want Santa to fulfill all our wishes .In keeping up with the festive spirit Wise She is giving one lucky reader a chance to win MAC lipstick Pink Pearl Pop.


MAC Pink pearl pop lipstick


To be in with a chance of winning just tell us in the comment section

What do you want from Santa this year?

and share this link on your facebook wall.Person with most interesting /wackiest/genuine answer is going to win this MAC Pink Pearl lipstick.

MAC Pink pearl pol lipstick


  • Competition closes: 31st December 2012
  • Giveaway is open internationally
  • One can comment only once.


Best of luck and start preparing your for your Santa list.You never know ..Santa might hear you 🙂



  1. My ask from Santa-

    Santa fly down mom to my place… :kissing: n make me a mommy soon too.. :lipstick: i will give u a bear hug & kiss with this lipstick in… :rock-n-roll:

  2. Hey Ana new follower..
    That is such a beautiful shade.
    I want that 😀 .. So Considering I have chances of getting this from You I wont waste my chance with Santa.
    So I was wondering what is Santa’s Age?? If he is not too old and those mustache and beard are wigs… can ask him to marry me :devil: :devil: :devil: And once I marry him I can pull out whatever I want from his Bag…No waiting throughout the year for gifts :tap-dance: :tap-dance: And we go to moon for date in his cart…How romantic and greedy of me 😛 :devil:

  3. Let the world be filled with smiles, naughty, innocent, giggly n hearty….smiles of every kind….big or small, young or old…healthy or ailing…strong or weak….rich or poor… happy or those who r hurt…many every living being have a reason to smile…wish you all a Merry Christmas! 🙂

  4. I want santa to gimme a pvt aircraft .. So i can go newhere without paying ridiculous airfares.. N bonus is hubby can fly the plane!!!! An ofcourse my own pvt sephora!!!!

  5. I want Santa to spend Valentines’ Day with me, after all he has been my love since I was a kid and would bring me gift no matter what (:
    A super caring and such a famous date for 14th feb 😀 That’s my wish, be free on 14th feb SANTA <3 I will wear my MAC Lipstick if I win here 😉

  6. To Tell Truth I will be plain when I am suppose to ask something to SANTA O:-) O:-) O:-)
    My mind will go empty when I really see SANTA because I have never seen SANTA :-(( :-(( :-((
    I have a lot of wishes to be fulfilled 🙂 🙂 🙂
    My wish never end by asking one thing from SANTA….. 😉 😉 😉
    SO for time being I will ask SANTA please make me to win in this Giveaway and make me to own a MAC Lipstick plssssssssssss :victory: :victory: :victory:

  7. uhmm.. I want to get engaged this New Year’s…no, not that traditional roka thing, BUT the “on-your-knees-Will You Marry Me?” wala to my long-long-long-staying boyfriend ::) And have a ‘sparkly’ 😛 😛

  8. wow..the shade is to die for…its popping me up ana…..!!!!
    so my wish from Santa is to just and just help me become a MUA(i have the talent..i just need to some place to start from!!)..i really want to fulfill this dream of me n i am getting obsessed with i so much that i get dream where i am doing girls faces..
    Ana…become my Santa and mentor me swthrt!!!!
    Santa…pls pls fulfill this dream..other than that i have everyhting in life..!!!!

    hope everybody heard it loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Merry christmas girls!!!!!! :drunk: :drunk:

  9. I wish Santa makes this world a safe place for women ..until we do that a women cannot be herself anywhere..and thus we would be denied our freedom of expression..so Santa please make this world safe for all the women..plz..plz..

  10. Dear Santa, right from my childhood I have never got a gift from you. I’m fond of the MAC lipstick. Atleast during this Christmas, please grant my wish Santa. I hope you won’t disappoint me this time.

  11. Dear Santa,
    Please make me smart enough so that I can think of something wacky enough to win that lipstick! It’s killing me!


    🙁 :-(( :yippee:

  12. Dearest Santa,
    A big big HUG… frm last 3 yrs i was SANTA for all on ur behalf.. and thanks alot for almost saari wishes poori karne k liye …ppl were happy… and thankd me too :-D..
    This year i want u to shower ur blessings on my best friend and her family… she needs u…
    Nw its my turn :devil: :devil:
    i want sexy slim body with FAT bank balance 😉 😉 😉 … and ek acchi si job so that i cn make me nd my parent Bada wala Happy 🙂 so dat unka DIL GARDEN GARDEN ho jaye.. 🙂
    and Bhai ka mbbs k liye acche college mein admission…”a good happy family” thats all i want for this year 🙂
    please please poori kar do 🙂 :-* :-* :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup:

  13. Hello Ana Santa, or do I call you Santana? My wish for Christmas is to have my very own pet man. I swear, I will not treat my man badly. In fact, I promise to feed him, clothe him, hug him, pet him and give him space when he wants. In return, all I want is someone to go to the movies with, who will never disagree with me, fix my things (from broken heart to broken camera), listen to what I am saying, and should be a fab dancer, so I can dazzle on the dance floor. Oh, and should not be clingy, have independent income and not whine about me going out with my friends.

    Just this. Nothing more. I promise I will be very very good.

  14. Eradicate woman related crimes in the city Santa. Give women equal rights in practice and not just in spoken hollow words or pen and paper. Give women equal opportunities and the world shall have more Kiran Mazumdar Shaws and Damayanti Sens. IT`s time we women stopped accommodating prejudices in our life and practices and instead focused on a healthy symbiosis where humans are treated humanely instead of indulging in animalistic pursuits. Santa – this is my only wish. And make cosmetics affordable ,atleast some good brands , so that girls of the lower section of the society who silently chides themselves for feeling unattractive when looking at well groomed women on magazine covers can also avail of them and feel pretty and blessed. Merry christmas everyone. ^_^

  15. so chweet all of you ” I would ask santa to erase every body’s comment on this website except mine so that i will be the sole amd only owner of :lipstick: Mac lipeeeee hee hee :rotfl:
    TOO crazy to own that lipstick right
    Santa meri madat kar yar

  16. I want Santa to bless me with a lottery ticket which wins a huge amount and with that money I will invest it in some property so that a regular income can be obtained !! 😀

    (I have shared the link)

  17. i want santa to bless us all and the next year should bring alot of peace, happiness and harmony around each one of us.. A feeling of contentment should prevail..

  18. Christmas is the season of peace and goodwill till you go shopping and get the bill….
    That’s why I will ask for big fat salary check and a Husband who loves to give his wife presents… :lipstick:

  19. I want to meet my boyfriend since i stay in Kolkata and ge is in Delhi and it has been more than 7 months since we met each other. And i want a philips hair straightener.hp 8310. Thank you.

  20. If I get a chance to ask for a wish with Santa, I would ask him to come in my disguise and look after my son for atleast 2 days.. It is not that I hate my son or I like to escape from responsibilities as a Mom.. I love my son and would like to take care of him and give him the best.. But he is more naughtier than other kids I’ve come across; he doesn’t sleep during afternoons.. He sleeps only after we had slept during nights; doc refers him as super active.. I need my own time to sit and relax, cook my fav food & read a book.. I wish santa takes care of my son in my disguise as I don’t want him to miss me either!! Meanwhile, I am ready to work on behalf of santa for those two days.. !!! I am not complaining.. hope every mom can understand.. 🙂

  21. hi santa, iam recently married iwant this mac lipstick, so that i look more beautiful :lipstick: nd my husband stays with me all the time :tap-dance: , the colour suits me very wel…so plz help me to take my husband in to my custody… :heart: :heart: :rose:

  22. Santa I would like to look like barbie in my marriage, wearing gown and looking very pretty(and ofcourse like a princess). So that all the girls attending my marriage feel jealous of me for being so beautiful.
    Just imagine me using MAC lipstick which will suit my personality(as I would be looking cute like a barbie,if my wish is granted) so much on that day. :dance:

  23. hey i really wish santa gifts each girl with a pepperspray for their security…..and then can bless mamta banerjee,sheila dixit, and sonia gandhi to distribute it for free/nominal charge through our ration cards…good idea???all hooligans, eveteasers and sick men who intend to do injuustice to women beware…

  24. My wishlist, I believe it is easy to be fulfilled…
    – lot of time and patience for me to handle everything, wish the number 24 hours increases to a lot more.
    – bring cute babies into this world.
    – a invisible blanket to every woman to hide into when in trouble.

  25. Hi Santa, my wishlist this Christmas is :-

    1. I want the people of the World to live in peace and happiness. I want each life to be safe and secure.
    2. Please give the poor people of the World proper food, shelter and clothing. Please bring smile to the poor children’s faces on this Christmas.
    3. Please make all people of the World good human beings so that there is no crime and violence.
    4. Please remove the superstitions, prejudices and discriminations from the minds of people.
    5. Please ensure that no natural disaster or calamity affects the people of our World.
    6. Finally, as for myself, you can gift me anything of your choice on this Christmas.

    Thank you.

  26. Hi

    My only wish from Santa would be to end the agony of the gang rape victim and to make sure that no other girl goes through that pain. I want Santa to go and ask god to impart justice to that girl.

    This new year would not be that happening owing to the fact that a smiple girl amongst us who also loves make up and fashion is writhing in pain for no fault of hers !! Sad ..

    But I know , Santa will listen to me and grant this wish ! 🙂

    Merry Christmas and Happy New year girls..! Stay Safe 🙂

  27. Seriously, if you ask me what I would like from Santa this year, then I have only one wish to make- We, all the girls WANT Justice for Damini and a IMPROVEMENT in the Laws in INDIA.

  28. I want Santa to make the world a better place to live in.. where girls enjoy the same rights as guys and are not deprived of anything, be it nutrition, education, pay package or love.. where there is the same rejoicement on the birth of a gal as it is for a boy, where a sister need not sacrifice her wishes for her brother,where husbands respect their wives and treat them as equals, where a job of a housewife is not considered any less than the chairman of an MNC
    I know its very feminist but who can love santa more than a female?? 😉
    Love u Santa.. Ho ho ho

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