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Anamika-Born and brought up in a family where herbal remedies and fitness are always given the top priority but as food is my passion I landed up being an overweight girl who was good at culinary skills but struggling to lose weight. Premature graying of hair, pimple prone skin and obesity made me switch to herbal remedies, healthy diet and fitness. Passion for make up started after my marriage and thus began my next journey of discovering the world of fashion and beauty.
Wiseshe is a platform where I want to explore and share all the good things which make a woman’s life beautiful.
[MBA from Amity Noida]
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Harsha Jain-My mother was the one who encouraged me to use natural products, made ayurveda  part of my lifestyle. This habit made me feel close to the mother nature. I have been using home made products as well as herbal tried and tested products since long. I have always been in fitness routine like practicing yoga. All this things combined resulted into a healthy life making my personality different from others and confident from inside. Here at Wiseshe I will be trying to share as much as about the products and herbal remedies which helped me in my various problems so that my readers can benefit through them and can lead a healthy life. I am glad that Anamika has provided me with the chance.
[MBA from Amity Noida]
Ishika Aggarwal– I am a person who doesn’t like monotony in life in any form. Hence no points for guessing that I cannot stick to using a particular product for long. I find it interesting to try new products available in the market and share my experiences with people so that the readers can choose the product that is best and suitable for them.  Same traits apply to food as well. I don’t prefer  normal Indian cuisine always and love to try and experiment new recipes that I come across in different blogs and cookery books. Best part in cooking in you can diverge from the standard recepie and show your own creativity by adding  variations you like. Each variation gives a different flavour and taste and we can choose the one we like most. I love to experiment  and  haven’t regretted any of them still. Trust me its real fun.  My parents have always encouraged me to avoid medicines and use home remedies instead as much as possible.  So, I like to share all the  herbal remedies which I have been using since childhood and have helped me without having any side effects. Thanks to anamika for giving me this platform in the form of wiseshe where I can share my experiences and thoughts with people and learn so many things from them as well.
[Software Engineer]


  1. hai …this a great website ..m so glad i found it . i want to know if u know how to make ubtan ? the one used in weddin rituals to make the bride s skin brighter nd to add more glow ? do u know this recipe ? ill be glad if u can help me 🙂 !

    thanks ..and once again kudos to this great website 🙂

  2. hi i hv seen lots of skin remedies on this site but can any1 pls suggest a good natural way to get rid of open pores i hv dry ,flakky skin pls help……

  3. ANAMIKA, first of all, many CONGRATULATIONS fr giving us GULZ a place where we can ACTUALLY find effective/easy/affordable solutions to r beauty related problems. I accidently logged on to ur page and nw i’m glued,, WHOA!!,, superb,, i must say,, :-*
    keep it up :dance:

  4. hi,
    i m a new joinee to this group…. and i m glad that joined it… well i m kanika, 24 yrs old and have never used any beauty product on my skin, but now i want to use them but am scared as i have dark and sensitive skin…

    can u please guide me for that…..!!!!

    thank you in advance…

  5. Hi Anamika,

    got to know about your blog, while searching for the cosmetics reviews.
    i found it interesting… 😀 good going :yes:

    Anu :-*

  6. Wow!!absolutely adorable!!Accidentally logged in…wow site..all d best!Can u tell me how to post my reviews in this site?


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