Wise She This Week Sale Alert (Week 2 October)


 Wise She This Week Sale Alert (Week 2 October)express-companies-chokehold-for-chinae28099s-online-shopping

These are few of the fab Ebay deals which we got it for you

  • Physcian formula shimmer strips eyeshadows
  • Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eyeliner trio for Green eyes # 7376
  • Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eyeliner trio for blue eyes # 7375
  • Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eyeliner trio for Brown eyes # 7374
I have few more deals to share but let me work on the genuinity of the product more and then I will put them up.
  • Fashion& You – If you shop above 3000 then you get exquisite piece of jewellery free.There are some satya paul handbags which you might like .There is also sale  on VOV products there.
  • Retailmart.com – 10% off on few of Khadi products.
  • Strawberry.net – Today is the last day when you can get free Isa dora lipstick from strawberry.net on purchase of product above $25
  • Urbantouch – Urban touch free gift has been discovered by us .It’s a facial mist from Fab  India with a 10% off lotus discount coupon 😀 so u now know your surprise gift 😉
If you have come across any fab deal this week then do let us know in the comment section 🙂
Thanks Zara for fab Ebay deals !!
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  1. I was not going to fall for the UT surprise gift but then I was adding new nail colours in my cart and they added upto 500 exact. I took it as a sign 😉

    Now that I know the surprise gift I can focus on the nail paints. 😛

  2. I want the Physicians formula Gel eyeliner… waaaaahhhhh mummyyyy… I want it now!!!! 🙂
    Seriously when will good deals come for that 🙁

    • i was checking them out for u tday morning Mals…but unfortunately the fakes hav come into the market and i cant find the genuine ones for less..and it doesnt make sense to buy them for a higher price na..

      • Whoa… howd you check for the genuineness??? I keep logging onto ebay now and then and checking for it 🙂
        I was just abt to order the NYX studio liner in extremempurple and NYX liquid liner in Navy just before the physicians formula wala post… Damn you Zee babe… you have made me crazy 🙁
        Ana…. help!! Should i go for the NYX one itself!!! ?:-) 😕

        • hehe..its just learning thru xperience really…no sure shot way…ive made so many mistakes and have a huge dher of fake cosmetics..hehe..especially MAC…aise hi we end up learning..

          nyx is very rarely fake since its an inexpensive drugstore product..even if they fake how much money can they make onit na…thats the logic..just dont buy nyx pgiments from ebay..they r easily faked…other stuff is never a prob..


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