What A Pleasant Surprise! | Thank You So Much :-)


What A Pleasant Surprise! | Thank You So Much 🙂

Hi Everyone!

Wanted to share with you some WISESHE CHEEK CONTOUR & POWDER BRUSH feed backs. Honestly! I did know that the product is good. I was and am pretty confident about it now also. Ladies/girls who followed me without even reading the reviews, I personally messaged them asking them to return the brush if they don’t find it worth enough!

I always believe that if the product is good then nothing else matters. I and my husband were discussing yesterday night that, even if our lot turns out not as per my expectation, I will scrap it all rather than pushing it to my customers. Obviously, its tough for me as I am not sure where I will land but then it is turning out to be a great experience too, something which when I grow older will narrate it to my kids. I also picture Anvika taking this forward, although that is way too future forward, considering she is just  in K.G as of now! :-p

Sharing some reviews from fellow bloggers and I am mentioning it here very clearly that I didn’t ask anyone to mention anything special about the brush in their reviews. I didn’t pay any one to write a paid review or anything!  I have sent few of the girls brushes as much my pocket allowed, so thats about it.

So here we go with the reviews <3


Talented Agni from Love Thy Red reviewed the brush here in detail

Now, I am quite a minimalist when it comes to brushes and I believe in having a few that can multitask instead of having an army of brushes each serving only 1 particular purpose. With that being said, I think Anamika has done a fabulous job on these brushes because it is definitely a multi-tasker and the way that it works, it is also a great brush for beginners because it allows greater control on the amount of product and thus a lesser probability of making mistakes for beginners. For makeup lovers, its a boon because you can use it with loose as well as compact powder and also cream products. And yes, powder contouring with this one is an absolute delight. It is right now available at a discounted price of Rs 550 at Amazon.in.


Gorgeous Madhubani and her review below. You can read the full review here


But you know what the best part is? It is the feel of the brush on my cheeks, just like a gentle caress of the cool wind on a hot sultry day, like the first rays of sun tickling you on a lovely spring morning. Wow…I am quite a poet today.

Anyway, coming back to the real world, the brush is so luxuriously soft; I wonder if I have ever used a brush which feels as soft as this. The bristles are made of synthetic hair, are really fine and densely packed. The problem I have faced before with synthetic brushes is that they have this weird, nylon’y kind of feel to them and tend to become hard, scratchy and pokey after a while. But, this feels so beautiful. I just can’t stop swirling this on my cheeks. Also, I love how the tapered edges help me to go into the nooks and creases of my face and also aid in precise color application.

I will be sharing more reviews in the coming weeks. If you are a blogger and have used the brush then please tag me on Instagram and send me your link. I would feature you here and on other WISESHE platform.

Amazon Reviews

Lot of girls messaged me on Insta about their experience which I have been sharing on insta stories  now let me share Amazon reviews below:-

amazon review

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 11.22.35 AM

I have not spend single penny in any of the advertising yet! Girls above have just purchased the product because they believed in the brand WISESHE

And last but not the least..Thanks Madhu for such a fantastic shot of the brush!



You can buy the brush from here



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