So We Begin! :-)


So We Begin! 🙂

Hi Everyone! How is your week coming up? My last week was not that great although some good things did happen but we human beings mostly feel the bad things more closely and feel happiness as too little! 🙁 For example, if you go and watch a movie, it is like a three hour happy feeling we carry with us but if we have a small fight with anyone we will ruin our day thinking about it! 😐 I am trying to change myself in this aspect!

Everyday, when I wake up, I follow gratitude! Not that I know much but it simply works. 🙂 I thank God for giving me a beautiful family, for being alive and many more things which I sometimes take for granted. Also, I truly feel better through out the day. It’s like happiness is a habit which needs to be cultivated. It is not that one day things will suddenly change and God will start showering us with rose flowers or whatever flowers you like! 🙂 Take responsibility of our own happiness, it is just too important! 🙂

Wiseshe India fashion FOTD

Whats New?

This week one of my nieces got married and I felt old, although those who think I am really old, then let me just tell, I am in my early 30s an unlike other bloggers I don’t lie about my age 😛  I think aging is beautiful as it just makes me wiser, stronger and more content! 🙂

So coming to my niece’s marriage. Well! she had a destination wedding and Anvika fell ill and I just couldn’t enjoy it. Although I did go there but my heart was simply not there. With time my daughter has become such an important part of my life. When she was small, I used to consider, it is my duty to do things for her but not its like that anymore! We just emotionally connect so much that I can’t express it.

I am little worried about this too because I do not want to be that obsessed parent. Because I want to be that cool mom who is okay about boyfriends and everything but in my heart I know I am not 😉  However, I will always try to protect her thinking she is just too young to understand things as if I do! 😀 😀

WiseShe Fashion FOTD

New Challenges

Now that Anvika is better, I can’t wait to get into my routine. For starters, our new launch, which by the way, is a brush tool is all set to be launched!! 🙂 Which, I am hoping that by the end of the week you will see all the products online. Also, I will be sending the products to blogger friends to review them and I can’t wait to see how things shape up. The thing is I want to bring some real interesting things in India and I think its the best time to do it. 🙂

Also, finally I found someone who can take decent pics of mine and can adjust with my timings! 😀 So you are definitely going to see lot of outfit posts on my Instagram and blog and Facebook too.

Fashion blogger WiseShe

Also, I am so fortunate that I am getting to do what I wish to do and the best part it its almost a decade and I still have friends who I started with! 🙂

Also, I have these strong strong motherly instincts which keep telling me to have another baby ;-)  but then doing everything again is such a big big task that my brain tells me “don’t even think about it!”  😀

I am not sure I should even share this thing here, but then I think,  it’s fine if I write about this here 😀

WiseShe Fashion Blogger India

Okay! So I will see you guys again next week .



Cotton Chikankari Anarkali suit – Fab India

Dupatta – Phulkari dupatta and green dupatta are both from Lajpat nagar 🙂



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