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The moment I’ve been waiting for has FINALLY arrived: I just completed 100 posts on wiseshe!! :yippee: I know, I know, I took my own sweet time to get to this point and regular bloggers must probably be chuckling at the insane amount of time I’ve taken to reach this milestone 😀 But considering my life circumstances and the amount of time, effort and love I put into each post, this is probably not too bad (yeah am making an effort to console myself 😛 ).  You can read all my posts here So this post is dedicated to Wiseshe, since being part of this blog has changed my life in ways I never imagined. And no…this is not one of those sponsored posts. :laugh: This is just my way of saying thank you to Anamika, the Wiseshe team, all the lovely readers who leave such sweet comments and all you silent readers as well…coz I started out as one myself. :cute:

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We have this new series on Wiseshe where you get to know other fellow bloggers and in the list of questions asked, the last one reads: “How did you come to know about wiseshe.com? “ My answer to that question is quite a long story. WARNING: This post could induce yawning and sleepiness since I’m going to share mundane information about my skin and life that is of no use or interest to anyone :yawn:

It started out when my husband developed an allergic reaction to some Ayurvedic medication he was taking to relieve leg pain. He began getting rashes all over his face and body and no amount of dermatologist-prescribed medication was able to really help his condition. While the meds helped  subside the rashes, they left ugly marks all over to such an extent that even complete strangers would come forward and enquire about it. :pain: When it really started bothering him, I turned to beloved Mr.Google to help source some over-the-counter products that would help him. :shy: That was when I discovered Wiseshe. :nerd: But I also made another massive discovery…that drugstore products actually work (I previously did not believe so).

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I have awfully acne-prone, oily skin thanks to the genes I inherited from my dad. :struggle: My mom, on the other hand, has never had a pimple in her entire life and is blessed with the most flawless, gorgeous skin and I swear to God you’ll never guess her age when you see her! In fact, each and every time I introduce her to someone, they just gape open-mouthed when I tell them she’s my mother :cute: So yeah, since my acne is hereditary, it’s a life-long struggle that at most times feels like a losing battle. 😥

My acne started during my teens, somewhere around High School and it was downright AWFUL! 😥 I’m not talking about random pimples… but full-face-covering, cystic acne, like the ones you see in Dermatology textbooks :pain: Needless to say, it completely dampened my self-esteem. I didn’t want to step out of the house or meet people. I’d shrink into a corner during weddings and functions. Trying home-made remedies was never the norm in our house simply because almost everyone I knew in my family had good skin and did virtually nothing to maintain it. So I was taken to a friend of my mom’s who runs her own Salon and she tried all that she knew, including deep-clean treatments and home-made recipes. It didn’t help.

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Then the inevitable occurred…I was taken to a Dermatologist who prescribed topical ointments and internal medication. Now, bear in mind that I was quite a tomboy during High School and never bothered with creams, lotions or potions. But my condition was so severe that I was willing to do all it takes to help my skin. I religiously did all that she said and went on to follow her treatment for 6 years. Yes…years!!! Over the course of treatment, the drugs changed, the ointments changed, and my skin showed some result but it was still nowhere near normal.

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While doing my post-graduation, I was prescribed internal capsules that…ohmygod…I have no words to describe the miracle that followed! 😯 (I’m deliberately not mentioning the name of the capsule here since it has severe side-effects and should only be taken under strict medical supervision.) For the first time in my life, I had flawless skin!! Not normal skin, not good skin but drop-dead-gorgeous skin! :yippee: I couldn’t believe my eyes and thanked God nearly every time I looked into a mirror. The main thing the medication really did was control oil, but the results were dramatic since I realized for the first time that minus the hormonal acne, my skin actually resembled my mom’s. Thanks to the fact that I’d inherited a part of mom’s flawless skin, I don’t have deeps pits or scars that most people with my condition (including my dad) suffer from.

But all good things have to come to an end and I was forced to stop medication a few months prior to my wedding since the meds have a tendency to cause severe birth defects if I were to get pregnant. And this is a risk that NO woman is EVER willing to take! :stop: I was still quite apprehensive since I didn’t want to end up with bad skin all over again…particularly not on my wedding day. :struggle: Thankfully, by the Grace of God, the acne did not recur…atleast not until 4months after I got married.

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Slowly, it all started coming back…just like before. It was like waking from a dream. And what a good dream it was…sigh! By now, I saw sick of Allopathy. I knew the results were temporary and that I’ll have to continue using these chemicals for as long as I roam the earth. So I tried Ayurverda instead. Oh Lord! I simply couldn’t stand all the yucky kashayams and blah and felt like throwing up each time :sick: Plus, it made my acne twenty times worse!! :pain: It was during this time that we were testing out drugstore creams on my hubby. I was taken aback at how his skin cleared. Until that point, I’d never tried any drugstore creams and believed all the ads were just marketing gimmicks aimed at selling ineffective products. Finally, I decided to give it a shot…and I’ve never looked back ever since! :cute:

I soon realized I had to cleanse, tone, moisturize and what not but sometimes laziness and lack of drive kicks in. Reading skin care posts on Wisheshe gave me a much needed boost and inspired me to keep up with a skin care regime that works for me. Every time I feel myself slacking, I’d turn to Wiseshe and read up on all it has to offer. My skin is in better condition now and I don’t get awful acne like I used to before but it is still well below normal. On most days it’s sooo frustrating that after all the hard work, my skin refuses to behave the way I want it to. I’ve learnt to accept it…but it’s not always easy.

Unlike skincare, my makeup obsession, on the other hand, began in early childhood 😀 I always get an adrenaline rush when I see makeup and have loved the concept of product reviews even before the term was coined! :heart: Before the existence of Indian beauty blogs, I used to browse through foreign blogs and magazine websites to read product reviews and even considered working for a magazine just to be able to write reviews. :blush: So you can imagine my excitement when the Indian blogosphere began growing. I chose Wiseshe as a platform to pursue my passion because I love the people behind the blog. Back when I was a silent reader, I used to read all the fun chat in the comments sections and admire the warmth and sweetness they exuded. I particularly loved the friendship between Anamika and Zara. :heart: It was so nice to see 2 people who were so passionate about what they do, plus they also knew how to have great fun in the process. :high-five:

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Wiseshe also came into my life at a point when I was really down in the dumps. I’d moved to an unfamiliar town with no friends or family and having been unable to work after marriage, there seemed to be a huge void in my life, that only this blog and its people managed to fill. Logging into this community was (and still is) like living on another planet, far away from life’s struggles. It truly is a happy place to be, don’t you think?

Err…are you guys still awake?? :zzz: Gosh this post is getting horribly long and I have so much to say and don’t know where to stop! :sweat: At this rate, I’d probably give Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement speech a run for its money :rotfl: The thing is that I’ve been playing the part of  a mystery woman here (even Ana barely knows anything about me) :laugh: and I decided to disclose a li’l bit about myself. Maybe I should do a “50 facts about myself” post. Hmm…:-/ Ok ok I won’t…don’t wanna drive you guys away 😀 coz Ana will kill me! :beatup:  Soooo….I just wanna conclude by saying that I’m so proud to be a part of the Wiseshe team and have enjoyed watching it grow and blossom over the years. Am hoping to stick around for as long as life permits. :cute: Here’s wishing everyone out there loads of happiness and a lovely year ahead. :hug-makeup: Take care. Love y’all. Mmmmuah! :-*

P.S. This is a good chance for u silent readers out there to say Hello. Maybe just a smiley…so that I can smile back :cute:

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  1. this article is a direct mirror of ur bonding with wise she….looking forward to see u more n more over here
    and congrats for the 100th post

  2. So lovely to read about your journey to wiseshe. and congos for completing 100th post.
    am new here. wish top see myself in your position someday..
    amen.. 😀

  3. Loved reading your loooong post Nafisa… I have recently started visiting wise she and you are one of my favourite writers in this short span of time. Congrats on your century. 🙂 🙂

  4. Congratulations Nafisa…thanks for all your lovely posts that you shared with us, your dedication is truly admirable….Keep bringing them in..
    Here’s to more hundreds n thousands from you..CHEERS… 😀

  5. congrats on your 100! and wiseshe comments section truly feels like having a warm conversation with friends over coffee and I totally feel you on the ‘ proud to be a part of the Wiseshe team and have enjoyed watching it grow and blossom over the years’ part. I have been on and off wiseshe for the last 3-4 years and now it truly feels like home!

    • Thank u Suchetana 🙂 I totally understand what u must be going thru. :hug-makeup: Sadly there’s no permanent solution…but it can be controlled to a small extent. Hope u find products that work for u 🙂

  6. I,always say it n u will say it again..u r my most fav writer..ur write up always makes me smile..big hug to u for this achievement sweetheart..even i love the way wiseshe group interacts..such frndly vibes..<3 Write 1000 more articles nafi..muuaahh

  7. Thank u soooo much Vandu :blush: Biiig hug for u :hug-makeup: 1000 articles?? 😯 Err…ok….let me start right away (rushes to open Microft Word :sweat: )

  8. Awww.. You Deserve All The Love, Nafisa \:D/

    Even I’m Comfortable in My Acne Skin Now..Even I Inherited Acne From My Dad 😛 Lol!

    You Have Always Been so Adorable, Loving n Funny.. God Bless You With Loadza Love n a Pimple Clear Skin Soon \:D/
    And, I Toh Have Always Loved Mysterious Girls 😛

    • That’s sooo sweet of u Heena :hug-makeup: Thank u loads :-* N what acne?? From what I’ve seen on ur blog, u have biyooootiful skin!!

  9. Naf, congratulations girl 🙂 . You are an inseparable part of WS family, hugs 🙂 !
    when i read your post, I feel as if you are talking ( read speaking coz only you would be talking n I would be listening only 😛 ). BTW when you write, do you write at the same speed :D? Do you breathe in between 😉 ?

    Lolz Naf , you are just too cute <3

    • Taruuu :rotfl: U must be thinkin i’m this insane chatterbox :laugh: Truth be told, am not as bubbly as u r 😉 Thanks for d cuuute comment babe :-*

  10. Hey nafu…enjoyed ur 100th blog and im yet to read those 99 ones..and hey same pinch…even i have tis adrinaline rush when i see beauty products…:) anyways lemme go thru those previous 99..keep writing…love u


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