WiseShe Youtube Channel Exclusively on ShopClues Home Page :)


WiseShe Youtube Channel Exclusively on ShopClues Home Page

Hello, peeps!

I am very excited to share with you that we have exclusively collaborated with Shopclues and its a pleasure being there. I shared this on social media but skipped out Wiseshe which I shouldn’t have as I know there are thousands of regular readers of Wiseshe.

Some of you who are Mums must be knowing how difficult it is to manage work and job but this is not a job for me, ITS PASSION. Every video which you see here gives me the anxiety of doing so much better.. Those who have been following me must have seen the change.

According to Technorati, blogs rank among the top five most trustworthy┬Ł sources of information on the internet. I am glad that slowly I am able to build up that confidence in my readers because in the long term that only survives.

Well, I have mixed emotions for this success and it is really overwhelming. I want to thank everyone who equally contributed to making this thing come true. All the writers who have written for me and all the girls who have worked with me.

Hope to see many more great things ahead.



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