Woman’s Bag – A Treasure Of Beauty Products!


Hello, ladies!

A woman’s handbag is a treasure of products be it beauty or daily hygiene essentials. I remember carrying a huge handbag to college which was bigger than my bag that contained books! 😛 There are a few essential necessities that all the girls need in their handbag in a time of emergency. Imagine a situation when your crush is asking you out and your lipstick is all smudged! Oh my God! To avoid this type of a catastrophe, let me guide you to the beauty essentials you must keep in your handbag which can help you turn into a diva within some minutes. Dig in!

Essential Beauty Products in a Woman’s Handbag:

Lipsticks are a woman’s best friend after diamond! You can just wear a red bold lipstick and call it a day. Lipsticks are ever essential in a woman’s handbag and this is perhaps the reason why this is at the first position. You can carry one or two lipstick shades in your bag according to your dress.

Revlon Photoready BB Cream Review

BB Cream is something which is light but can be a daily substitute for your foundation. You can carry your BB cream around and make sure to reapply it whenever required. But always keep in mind to wash your face prior to any BB cream application otherwise your face can turn cakey.

The face wash is something which keeps our face clean and fresh. It cleans away all dirt and pollution and makes you ready. Keeping a face wash handy in your handbag will not only clean your face but will boost yourself for a life.

Kajal is something which defines our eyes on the go and if you are from India, this is definitely your HG product. It defines, brightens as well as makes your complexion look amazing.

Perfume is something which is a definite need. You just can’t afford to stink wherever you are and if you do so, nothing in this whole world can save you. A perfume instantly adds a jazz of freshness and boosts up your mood.

  • Sanitizer

This is not a ladies essential but something which everyone needs it. Hand sanitizer is essential as it helps to make your hands clean while you eat at any random place. You don’t need water to wash off, just some drops of this sanitizer are enough.

  • Oil Blotting Sheets


If you have oily skin, you need these. Oil Blotting sheets help to make your face matte by taking away all excess oil. It is a must have for summers for girls with oily skin.

If it is summer you need a toner. It helps to take away all dirt and grime and make your face ready to roll. And if you are not comfortable with a toner then make sure to apply a facial mist. It works in the exact same way as a toner.

combing hair

Hair Comb is something which is of absolute necessity. If you have tangled and unruly hair, no lipstick can substitute it. You should carry a comb or a hair brush depending on your preference.

Lip Balm is an utter necessity to give you kissable lips. Dry and chapped lips look horrible and are so inconvenient to apply lipstick. Make sure to carry a lip balm to keep your lips soft and smooth or a tinted lip balm to add a pinch of colour.

That’s all ladies! Now you know what to carry around.

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