Women Hygiene While Travelling


 We all are fond of travelling isn’t it? The adventures and numerous experiences a planned trip gives us are just indefinable. I personally never miss a chance to visit a place and I am all in for any kind of trips…

Then comes the most boring part of a trip which starts from the packing of stuff itself. Whenever a trip is planned all we imagine is how much fun there is going to be in the whole trip but we don’t think of packing at all. That still remains a very important part of the whole trip as you cannot let the fun go while you are worrying about your stuff that needed to be packed with you, in order to enjoy your travel experience perfectly.

So what all is necessary for a woman to keep in mind while travelling and by that I mean with special reference to ‘those’ days of  a month and maintaining hygiene even while travelling so that when you are back, instead of looking at the pictures you took while travelling, you are worrying about a hygiene related issue…!

Here are a few things that should be taken care of, by women, while they are travelling-

Personal Hygiene-

This is a very basic and the most boring tip but surely is the most essential one. Right from washing hands to brushing & bathing this holds the responsibility of giving you the best ever travel experience.

  • Washing handsAlways carry an alcohol based sanitizer in your purse so that if you don’t get water then also your hands don’t remain dirty.

washing hands women hygiene

  • Brushing-Don’t forget to brush while travelling because that may give rise to bad odor and cavities, as you eat throughout the day but don’t get enough time to follow the basic step of gargling and flossing after every meal.

women brushing hygiene

  • Bathing This is also essential as during travels our body comes in contact of so much pollution and dust that we need to get rid of it before going for any sightseeing. Shampoo your hair every alternate day as sweat, oil and dust may lead to itchy scalp and dandruff.
  • Genital hygiene

  • Everteen natural intimate wash

  • This is equally important as bathing and washing hands as during long hours of journey the intimate areas also get all sweaty and the tight clothing, which is preferable while travelling, doesn’t gives much space to naturally dry it up. Use of public toilets is also on the cards and possibility of vaginal infection is very high. So always make sure to carry a feminine wash to ensure that your intimate area is cleaned properly even during travel.I personally recommend Everteen natural intimate wash which is soap ,SLS and SLES free.  Everteen intimate wash prevents unpleasant odour ,itching , irritation and vaginal infection.It protects natural pH balance and vaginal flora. Best thing about Everteen intimate wash is that it is 100% natural without any harmful chemicals.

natural intimate wash everteen

  • Proper sanitation-Ensure that there are proper sanitation facilities available at the place you are staying because bad sanitation leads to many health problems.
  • ‘That’ time of the monthCarry along best quality sanitary pads or tampons so that even if you can’t visit the washroom too often you need not worry about it. Again a gentle intimate wash is very important in getting rid of the unpleasant odor and helps in keeping infections away so don’t forget to take it with you.

sanitary pads

  • Keep your nails short-It is better to keep your nails short as you may not take care of them when you are away enjoying a vacation, so better trim it as they will eventually grow back but the added chore of keeping them clean may hinder the fun and enjoyment.
  • Carry comfortable clothes to wear-Always carry those fabric clothes which are soft and comfortable to wear and can be easily cleaned. Cotton under garments is preferential to carry while travelling as they let air to pass through and keep intimate areas dry.

comfortable clothes women hygiene

  • Keep your feet clean-If you are travelling your most preferred footwear will definitely be shoes as it is the most comfortable thing while travelling which involves a lot of walking. But don’t forget to keep your shoes in open air so that they don’t stink. Also wash your feet properly before sleeping as it may have accumulated dirt and dust throughout the day.

Do let us know your tips to maintain hygiene while travelling 🙂

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  1. I have a tip too.. use panty liners. It might not be possible to change your innerwear during long journeys so you can just dispose of the panty liner and use a fresh one! Very usefull expecially for long train and flight journeys.

  2. ummm Ira could you also mention the availability please? Is the product available at any chemist store? Ive been using the Clean and Dry foam wash (C&D) so far but the metal can is a pain to carry.

    Panty liners are a great option for those of us who travel often.


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