Womsee Colours Of Joy Silver Wave Nail Paint Review & NOTD


I am so enjoying my nail polish obsession with womsee color of joy nail paint.There are quality is not bad and price is so awesome.I wore this silver nail paint called as silver waves today and all my cousions were asking me about it.They couldn’t beleive that this nail polish with such a fantastic finish cost Rs 45.;)


Silver nail polish manicure

You can check Womsee candy nail paint in orange and in lime green here and here.

Womsee silver wave 103 nail paint review


Womsee silver nail paint review

Silver wave has a satin finish and I have applied two coats here.These types of nail paints suits dusky girls.If you have noticed Rani mukherjee and Kajol they tend to wear these shades quite often.


Silver nail paint manicure



Womsee silver wave 103 review & swatches



Silver nail paint manicure with womsee colours of joy


Which is your favourite silver nail paint?

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  1. this color is awesome anzz…..this shade is perfect for doing nail art….. :yes: currently m loving streetwear silver nail paint though havent used it yet…. :evilgrin:

  2. such colors r perfect for daily wear or when ur confused bout wot t wear…i always wear this kinda silver shade to a meeting…looks formal enough and chic too!

  3. I love the shade……..i am obsessed with silver or grey or metallic grey nail paint since my childhood. I always used to pick such shades ever since i started using nail paints. 🙂


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