Womsee Nail Toner Review


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The product claims: Enriched with vitamin E and cuticle softeners

Womsee product reviews+Womsee toners

  • Quantity: 30 ml
  • Price: 43/-
  • Ingredients: Not mentioned

How to use – Nothing has been mentioned on the bottle. After surfing net, I came to know that it’s supposed to be applied on nails before nail paint. It makes nail paint stick better to nails and nourishes cuticles.

 Womsee nail toner reviews+Womsee product reviews

My experience with Womsee toner

I had not heard about a product called “nail toner” so when I saw this teensy bottle on a display, I was intrigued. As I have nail paint on for at least 25 days a month, so I never miss a product which is supposed to be good for nail health. Its price also seemed reasonable.

Now as nothing was mentioned on the bottle, I searched the net for method of use. I just take some toner out on cotton and put on clean nails. It evaporates just like remover. There are tiny blue particles in the bottle which float around. The toner is transparent as such but when one of these particles comes on nail, it spreads blue colour. I am assuming these are some special nutrients or maybe they didn’t strain the toner properly (such a bad joke…) so anyways, it feels little oily for a while. I just massage it in the cuticles and apply nail paint after 4-5 minutes.

I didn’t see any effect as such. Cuticles seem nourished but the same could be done through any hand cream. My nail paint didn’t last any longer too. Most of the time, I forget to use it because it’s so not necessary.

womsee toners

As for the availability, I haven’t seen it anywhere else. May be you can find it with some other brand name in your city.

I’ll be happy to just finish this bottle. If anybody is not lazy as me, is little regular in using things and wish special care for the cuticles other than hand cream, then do get it. Otherwise it could be given a miss.

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  1. Wow.. me too never heard about nail toner.. But surely gonna try this one as ths is affordable and quite good for nail’s health 😀 😀 Thank you..
    Good morning Ana sis 🙂 🙂 How are you today?

  2. Nail toner!!! I really have heard of this for the first time. I guess Oriflame has some stuff like this. They call it nail food or something..so strange..Anyways I am sure I will never use them. Am so lazy that applying a nail polish seems a big deal. Nice review though Ashu

  3. haha Parul u find applying nail polish boring..?? i do it like 3-4 times in a day..i apply them and remove them and then apply them again 😀

  4. Wait till you have a baby who will love to spill your nail polishes over everything..Then we will talk.. :evilgrin: My sister loves tat nail food..I guess I should get one. Hate my uneven nails


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