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There are many foods which are termed as super foods as they are rich in phytonutrient capacity which gives lot of health reward to our body. Let us find out some foods which can give us healthy living

Apples-An apple a day keeps the doctor away. You must have heard this en number of times and it is true as well. An apple contains lot of catechin and quercetin which protects the body cells from degeneration. By consuming apples regularly our chances of getting cardiovascular diseases and cancer reduces .
Also one should eat apples with its peels as it hold five times more antioxidant than the flesh. When compared with fruits such as peaches and grapes apple has double the fibre in it.

Oats and cereals-Eating cereals and oats is developing in India now and it has always been admired by many people in the world. Oats naturally depress the blood cholesterol and makes the bowel movements regular. Oats helps has many advantages such as it helps in getting rid of numerous diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart diseases , stroke and blood pressure.
Omega 3 in fish-Taking fatty ample in Omega 3 at least two times in a week helps in lowering the chances of cancer, strokes, heart diseases, diabetes etc.It even helps in reducing depression .If you are a non vegetarian then prefer fish instead of meat. There are many fishes which has toxic capacities like mercury and lead and therefore one should prefer eating small fishes such as tuna .
Avocados-Avocado is full of mono-saturated good fats which reduces the risk of diabetes, cancer and heart diseases again. Avocados helps in blood and tissue regeneration and this food comprises of lutein which is also a mighty antioxidant.

Therefore to lead a fit and healthy life begins consuming wonder foods from today and sees the difference by yourself.

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  1. I do eat apples but have to try including oats too in my diet..My breakfast is more of eggs and breads rather then oats..


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