Worst Beauty Blender Mistakes To Avoid


Worst Beauty Blender Mistakes To Avoid

Beauty blender is truly a magic tool! It is not just a regular sponge & it has the ability to expand when exposed to water. This is why everyone is crazy about these whether it is makeup enthusiasts or beauty professionals. It effortlessly glides on your skin & gives a flawless finish. And the lovely pink color is just cherry on the cake! However, many women tend to not use it properly to its maximum potential. We take a look at some common mistakes to avoid while using a beauty blender.

Original BeautyBlender sponge blender

Using The Sponge Dry:

A Beauty blender is meant to be used wet. The damp surface gives you streak-free blending and a dewy finish. If you use it dry, the product will get absorbed back into it & the sponge will dry out as you get to other parts of your face. It is advised to keep a cup of water or a spray bottle nearby while using a Beauty blender. The best part is that it can expand up to about 50% its size when used wet. However, make sure that it is not too wet either. Simply squeeze the sponge gently so that water does not keep dripping out of it.


Keeping It For Too Long:

A beauty blender cannot be kept as long as a makeup brush. Even if you clean it every day, it needs to be replaced every three months. The older it gets, the more likely it is to rip or tear. Thus, change in color or visible rips are your cue to get a new beauty blender.


Not Washing After Every Use:

Keeping your beauty blender clean is very important. It needs more care than your regular brushes & should ideally be washed after every use. Since it absorbs a product very well, washing it after every use is essential. Else, it can cause breakouts or rip off faster. You may either use an anti-bacterial soap or a mild baby shampoo to clean your Beauty blender. Once clean, let it lay on a flat surface & dry on its own.


Not Using It Extensively:

The Beauty blender is a versatile tool. It is not just meant for applying makeup, it can be used for skincare as well. You can dampen it slightly & use to apply skin care products like serums, sunscreen, and moisturizers.


Using A Swiping Motion:

Avoid swiping the Beauty blender across your face vigorously. Instead, gently press it into the skin for a streak-free application. This will help you blend the product well without looking cakey.


Applying Too Much Pressure:

Beautyblender is a wonder product & helps blend like a dream. Thus, you do not need to apply too much pressure. Use it gently to blend the product. Else it can tear off very easily. In addition, you should also keep pinching a little as & when required.


Not Storing It Properly:

Never toss the Beauty blender into your makeup bag. Always store it properly in your vanity. You should also make sure that it is completely dry when being stored. Damp surface encourages bacteria to grow which can cause breakouts. You may even store them in ventilated pouches when travelling.


Dipping It Into The Foundation Directly:

Never dip your Beauty blender directly into a foundation bottle. Instead, take some product at the back of your hand & then to the Beauty blender. This avoids product from getting wasted & your face from looking made up!


Are you making these mistakes while using your Beautblender?

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