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I and so many of us(Wise She writers and readers ) have been shopping every now and then from various shopping portals.With in a span of an year I must have shopped  from atleast 30-40 shopping sites and with every shopping portal there is some kind of relationship  which gets developed .For example- When ever I shop from stylecraze.comit feels as if I am ordering from my local trusted store and my product will definitely reach me.I have got expired product some time from them too but they have never hesitated in replacing it.

If I am shopping from  websites such as fashion and you.com or snap deal .com,brandmile.com there is kind of insecurity which always remains.Also, International shopping is not that trustable and expensive and is a hit or miss .Cherry culture.com is a good example of that.

medplusbeauty.com brought me a different experience.I was provided a voucher by the company and I had a decent experience with them but when I shared my views I was bombarded with criticism blaming me that I am associated with them.I was hurt because I have always been honest with my reviews but since then even I have stopped shopping from them because who knows I might share a bad experience too like few others.

Whats your experience like? Which sites do you think is the worst shopping sites or share your worst shopping experience till date(online).Let all the shopping portals  know what we think about them and where do they need to improve 😉


worst online shopping sites+worst online shopping sites in India




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  1. Worst is Jabong, your product could be lost, or damaged.If its makeup, they do not replace it, as per their policy (not clearly mentioned) and no one picks up their phones!

      • they advertize on television ana and my frnd thought they might be reliable. even snapdeal gets so much advertizng space na. it makes people think that they are reliable as they grow familiar with the brand name due to back to back ads

    • ya my frnd had a similar experience with jabong. its been 2 months now and she did card payment already. money deducted but no news of product and even her money is gone. the helpline is useless. My frnd curses them everyday.

      • i have shopped for footwear from there nd m satisfied… but once i shopped online from Shoppers stop and it was horrible experience as the sent wrong size and wasnt arranging a pick up from my place when i asked customer care abt it thy replied we dont offer pick up from ur location and even refused for store return which is hardly a km from my place thn i asked thm to pick it up from my hubby’s office and which also a km and a half far away and thy said yes we can pick from there … how stupid ..

  2. I ve heard a lot of customer service issues with medplusbeauty .but honestly I ve made so many purchases from them and it always reached me within 2days and i love their discounts too.
    I LOVE Stylecraze, medplusbeauty and urbantouch Totally!
    ebay is good too..no complaints at all!
    But m really disappointed with BH Cosmetics customer svc..product was ordered on 3rd march n i still din recieve it…they are in the process of refunding the shipping charges to me .. which i m supp to recieve by thursday..however they sed the product is still with indian customs n is the process of clearance. Hope i get my stuff soon! 🙁

    • And i love UT Stylecraze the mostttttttttttttt :yippee: :dance-left-right: these are undoubted “THE” best online shopping websites of India……… And i love Coastal Scents the most :rock-n-roll: i received my 22 piece brushes todayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :rock-n-roll: :yippee: :rock-n-roll:

      • I had a good shopping exp with BH cosmetics….I live in United Kingdom and I ordered few items during their easter sale and i preffered Priority international shipping and I got my package the 4 th day 🙂 and for the customs clearance they have marked the item price value much much lesser than what it is actually… I was provided wit ha tracking number too… I think in India too…For order value more than 60-70$ its always safe to go for priority shipping…Even though custom clearance issue arise…Fedex will pay for it and U can repay them once the package arrive safely…:)

        • Hi Renji.. apart from India other countries enjoy recieveing BH Cosmetics very very early.

          My order did not cross 60-70$ ..I dono y our customs sucks so much!

          its 2months now..n i havent recieved my packlage yet..BHCosmetics have refunded my money…
          but they r still promising that i will recieve my delievery.. so lets hope for the best! thats all i can do!

    • Erica it might not be BH cosmetics’ fault that your package is delayed…Indian customs are really getting on my nerves these days….I got two of my packages that I ordered from a Intl seller after 1 month of these collecting dust at Mumbai customs.Initally I also blamed the seller but since tracking no was provided I was able to find out that the problem is at our end only……

      • Ohhh sophia..can u plz help me to track if my package is with indian customs? i need sum1 to desperately help me find out my package here yaa.. 😥
        N BH donoo anything.. i knw its not their fault they have shipped on time..its our customs but i just wonder how does coastal scents manage to bring our products to us ON TIME! ?:-) :-/

  3. as of now i have loved purchases from urbantouch and stylecraze :-* :-* . . . still to discover medplusbeauty.com , their discounts are amazing . . . :-$ :-$
    shopping with indiatimes was worst, worst customer services ever . . . almost everybody says so !!!
    have any of you tried 99labels or brandfetish . . how was the experience ? :lashes:

  4. The worst experience of mine has t be with fnu.. Not with cosmetics but with stuff like shoes n purses and even earrings… The stuff looks so old and used.. I don’t mind getting last years stock but I don’t want used stuff!!

    Otherwise stylecraze continues t be my fav followed by medplus..

  5. i have had bad experiences with Strawberrynet where the product comes lost or broken thanks to our amazing Indian customs! But they reply promptly and offer a replacement or refund. I love their policy and thats why I keep on buying from them all the time!

    • my package too got stuck many times but good part is they always give the refund ..only thing is going to the custom office sucks.

  6. 99 labels for sure..I ordered some three kurtis and it tuk then nearly two months to deliver and that too they delivered just one.. apparently the other two were not in stock..Medplusbeauty is no good either they took nearly twenty days to deliver my stuff…FNU would also be on my list but they have just become better and I have got my stuff at least even if it is twenty days late

    • 2mts!!! sheesh! i like 99labels and have never had a bad exp but they never intimate when they’ve shipped the stuff…one fine day i just receive it and m like whoaaattt?!?!

  7. My favourite is medplusbeauty.com. I have purchased a lot of times from them, especially tbs products and always had very good experience. they never delayed in delivering stuff….

  8. I prefer shopping with Medplus beauty,Jabong,Stylecraze & Cosmetix.in….So far had very good experiences only and most of the time my order arrived within a day or two of placing it 🙂
    Fnu quality sucks at times and shipping is also not worth mentioning…..99 labels is good and like Zara said the packages always come as a surprise:-)

  9. I forgot to mention Healthkart:-) Urban touch is also good but nowadays they ship via chhottu only and most of the time my package is delayed 🙁

  10. I have tried FnU, Medplus Beauty and stylecraze. FnU rates the worst and the rest are good. FnU didnt deliver my sandals once telling that they are out of stock but reverted back the money but they are not bad. sometimes their quality arent that good.

    Medplus beauty delivered in 3 days, so did stylecraze. I was leaving for US that weekend and requested them to deliver it soon so that I could take it and they did. 😀

    Love stylecraze of all. I requested for my voucher after cashing in the points, so that I could buy frm stylecraze b4 I leave and Chetana gave me the voucher the same day for me to shop and also I got it delivered in 2 days. I ordered on 3rd and got it on 5th.

  11. Oh it gets added JLT?? Donno where it went then, mayb it was too long.. Sowwrieee….. :giggle:

    Myntra is too good when it comes to online shopping. Quick delivery n returns too… and they ship EVERYWHERE..!! and then there are amazing discounts all d time 🙂 oh n thanks for telling about jabong.. i thought mayb i’l order from it sometime, but now, no chance.. UT, Healthkart, goodlife and Stylecraze are good. Medplusbeauty makes me crazy somtimes but then they hav these amazing discounts :drool: i once got a completely leaked bottle of Adidas deo, they replaced it though. Snapdeal is also okayish when it comes to beauty products n ol.. for bags n ol it a total waste.. :-X

  12. And my worst experience was with ZANSAAR.COM.. horrible Customer Support Execs they hav. Total nonsense. And these zansaar guys are total cheat u noe.. :reallyangry: I ordered 2 cushion covers and a 4 piece mug set. Mug set was for 240rs, its was nice, strips n ol.And i was like, wowww m so smart .. :rotfl: When I got it, I found out ki those mugs were from Hypercity and were of 19rs each.. :pain: 😯 😯 :footmouth: :reallyangry: :reallyangry: :reallyangry: Such dhokebaaz these guys are… :reallyangry: :reallyangry:

    • Ritu ..when ever i see a tempting deal i do wonder if these site owners got those porducts in some 1+1 free sale thing..like Givenchy..they were closing down in India therefore sold off things is almost half the price and then i see medplus beauty coming up with some sale with them which was less then what they were selling it off.

  13. I love UT and tradus as those are the only sites from where I have shopped till now. Rest of my shopping I do mostly in my area’s malls and their cosmetic sections 🙂

      • ya tradus is good and they were the first online shopng site that i tried. I got 3 pen drives at 50% discount rate and my frnd even got a samsung tab from there at much less than the market price and got a sling bag free for it too. he is still raving about it and showing off all the time. he he.

        My colleagues keep ordering so many stuff from there and not one complaint 🙂

        Do try them and am sure u wud love the experience 🙂

  14. Fashion and you is really weird. I ordered a perfume and some other product from them and they shipped each product separately. When I got the perfume it was an empty box?!? I finally reached their customer care by calling for a few days and was asked to ship back the empty box in order to get my refund. I got some major weird looks from the courier guy for tht. Anyways this was in Nov and I have not received my refund till date. Every time I email them I get a complaint no and the promise that my refund will be done in 5 working days. God knows when the hell those 5 days will arrive. Oh ya they did send me a mail sometime saying that they are refunding me Rs. 0/-. WTF! I called them back and stuff and am still waiting for them to do something.

    Internationally I must say Cherry Culture sucks. I have ordered from a lot of sites – known and unknown for all sorts of things but this one was ridiculous. It took them almost a month and a half to 2 months to send me my package. I thought that I had lost that one.

  15. Gosh! Thanks soooo much for putting this up Ana :hug-makeup: This post and its comments are super helpful. Seems like FnU is the clear winner :rotfl:

  16. i think my worst experience quality wise has been with fashionandyou. my best experience has to be medplusbeauty. they deliver the next day since i am in Hyd. Stylecraze ufortunately does not deliver to the address i gave them them (office at gachibowli). has anyone else had that problem.

    so here goes –
    Medplusbeauty – only once out of 10 to 15 purchases has there been a product defect – maybelline watershine lipstick which anyways is a problem
    Urban Touch

    fashioandyou – bad quality (footwear) and take long time to deliver
    blisscovered – lot of hype but size was too small for that price and the products hey sent were really sad….the scrubs especially

  17. I have shooped from UT, Stylecraze, Medplus, HealthKart, Ebay, buyInCoins, 99 labels etc..havent really had any worst experiences yet..touchwood but yeah initially medplus used to deliver in like 2 or 3 days and now its taking 2 weeks which is def a long time..n this really irritates me!

  18. U kno anamika in this sea of bad experinces i was very pleasantly surprised by shersingh. Com i ordered a dress day before in the eve n today its already delvd and the have cash on delivery

  19. I read it in a magazine its nt beauty per se but clothes . I got a call from them yest confirming my order n today it was delivered

  20. Must say ana u starting this discussion has really helped us decide which sites to trust in and which sites to stay away from. THANKS A TON BABE!!!!!!!!!!

  21. my fav of the favs is Urbantouch…….they deliver me the products on the 3rd day itself……stylecraze is good too…..snapdeal takes lots of time…….aur kuch try nhi kiya….

  22. I absolutely love UT. I usually get the products within 24hrs! Ive had a good experience with medplusbeauty too. I was actually able to find my eyeliner which wasnt available on any of the other sites!

  23. UT,Stylecraze,purplle,violetbag are good…snapdeal to don’t even talk about…they took three weeks to deliver my order…medplus is ok-2 types…jabong is seriously irritating…their helplines are of no use and it took them a month to send me one AND dress 🙁

  24. Yea, it was total robbery, such chor these guys are..!! :reallyangry: but, i m nt gng 2 leave them like that na.. bugged them around a lot.. :dance-left-right: n wont leave them till i get my refund.. :chic:
    But u noe, one thing i learned from it was to always check the return policies before placing an order from a new site. Stylecraze guys are super sweet when it comes to returns.. once they sent me a wrong sunscreen, and immediately managed for a pickup.. :hug-makeup:
    Hows freecultr guys? Nyone?? Their jeggings r really cool 🙂 And has anybody tried bestylish.com and zovi.com??

  25. Try Myntra if u want to shop online for clothes ever… Its really nice and safe too… I bought a US Polo tee for my guy…… choosing there size is quite easy.. 😉 other than that they hav all the regular brands which we generally wear like BIBA, Levis etc… so size is not a problem.. Plus if in any case there is some problem regarding size, they send u an extra bag with a return form.. :rock-n-roll: u just need to call them up and they’ll arrange for a pickup. :hug-makeup: I saw a baggit bag on Shoppers Stop for rs 2000… fresh stock it was.. Found the same bag on myntra and bought it for 300rs less 😀 they also give a brand guarantee certificate.

  26. please never ever buy from 99labels they are the culprit low quality but prices are higher. I had ordered a kurt a it was for 799rs they delivered me after 22 days but the quality was so cheap why im telling dis coz i leave in bangalore here i will get that kurta just for 100rs.
    Even snapdeal is so culprit i had ordered for 3 products but i got only 1 product instead.

    please stay away from these culprits

  27. Hiii,

    My first post here, i have been buying stuff from snapdeal, fashionandyou, stylecraze, urbantouch, as well as from medplusbeauty.
    I stay in Delhi and out of all these medplusbeauty has delivered not once, not twice but nearly five times within 2 working days from the date of order and yes, they consider saturday as their working day. One very good thing about them whenevr they deliver on Saturday they call and confirm if you are still in office and not left.
    Super satisfied with medplusbeauty.
    Recently, had ordered a bag from snapdeal, they delivered the bag after nearly 12 days from the date of order and then ultimately when it came, there was a knife slash on the bag. Thankfully for the first time I had opted for COD. Now onwards it would have to be something really good for me to go shopping on snapdeal.
    SImilar experience with fashionandyou, order a semi stiched suit length, the only issue was the delivery time taken by them, which they blame on the courier company…!!!

    take care Beauties!!!

    • OH i agree with Anamika.. Medplusbeauty has really good svc.. had done so many purchases from them n i get my order within 2days! :-)) Insite of being in Mumbai ..yes even i got delievery on Saturday! 😀 :yes:

  28. Hi ladies..just wanted to know one thing..how long usually urbantouch takes to deliver? after reading the reviews here, i ordered few products from there today. so just wanted to know..

    • where do you live ? I live in Hyderabad and I take me 2 days or so If they send with blue dart. It can go long as a week if more then contact their service.

  29. Anybody try 365gorgeous.in ?? They have some fudge products i wanted to order? was wondering how they are since i had never heard of them!

    • its a nice site..i just placed my lush order from them but i havent tried Fudge products.. if you do then so share the experience with us.

  30. This is good for awareness.
    I like Homeshop18 They are very prompt and give a refund for anything (that is overcharged by the courier)

  31. MedPlus certainly drove me crazy and on three different occasions. I dont know why I went back to them after the first two times, but will never shop from them again. And note: I have only bought from them 4 times. So one went without much drama.

    1). Sent my courier to a different city (BECAUSE apparently the courier company didn’t have a branch in my city! Umm, so send it through another courier provider, not to another city!!)
    2). After 2 weeks of trying to track my order they say they have shipped it and I just have to wait. The moment I ask for refund, I am immediately refunded. And I haven’t received the package after 3 months. This means they never shipped it. What were they asking me to wait for? Christmas?
    3). I receive the wrong products (imagine my horror when I open a box expecting eyeliners and find condoms instead, in my office! – NIGHTMARE, and very red ears and cheeks! Its not funny trying to convince the colleagues that the order was messed up and you didn’t order condoms) I am still waiting for my package to arrive after returning the wrong order. Also they refused to ship the correct order till the wrong one was checked and clarified by their team. Really? I trust you and use my card online still get played for the products, and you think I am going to lie to you about getting a wrong order? Apparently it was supposed to have reached my yesterday but wont, given their reputation of time keeping, until Friday (I HOPE!).

    Unless you have ample amount of time and a lot of credit in your phone and you enjoy yelling at random strangers on the phone, do not waste your time with MedPlus. It simply gives you high BP and a lot of frustration. Its just my opinion. And advice.

    The only thing Im happy about is that they have their customer service till 11pm and work on Saturdays!
    Maybe I should stick to COD because when they dont have the money with them, it acts like an incentive for them to deliver earlier (or atleast on time).

  32. I just stumbled upon this post!!! To me the best one has to be Flipkart :yippee: :yippee:
    And the worst(India.. as I have never shopped internationally till date) has to be medplusbeauty … they just do not care about the customers requirements.. I made an order last week and asked them to get it delivered on the Tuesday as I will be busy on Monday.. and I have made more than 5 STD calls in 2 days just to remind them and they assured me it would come on tuesday.. and to my horror, the courier guy is at my door on the monday(and he was damn arrogant by the way) and demnds 1.5k(okay that’s how I ordered on COD 😛 ). I was soooooooo angry, I asked him to take it back and called up medplusbeauty and asked them to take back their stuff as I dint want them anymore!! :hammer:

    Horrible customer support by them, honestly!! I don’t think I’d ever purchase from them again!! :reallypissed:


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