Wise She Mag-a-bite – Wrong Makeup Makes You Look Aged!







After a season of experimenting with various versions of deep mocha lips and coal black eyeliner, there was one lesson to be learnt.Makeup up can age you.Think Lindsay Lohan with toffee coloured cheeks, or worse still, Rachel Zoe’s Golden Globes appearance with frighteningly dark eyes that drained all the colour from her face.After all burning plastic on anti –ageing serums and creams cakey foundation and glitter can still increase the wrinkle -crinkle rank.But there are cheat rules that promise to youthify instantly.For skin it comes down to balanced levels of super hydration and light catching pigments to create a plush glow.Powdery or thick foundations settles into fine lines to add micro sags around the face.But liquid formulations give skin a lift, and those tiny shiny particles make niggling lines almost invisble. Finish up with a creamy orange tinged concealer that brightens under eye shadows.

Scientifically speaking, the eyes and lips are the first areas to show signs of ageing.A dark colour makes any surface look smaller.While it great for the hips,it spells disaster on the lips.It’s time to reassess lip colours that are darker than your cup of coffee.If vibrant pink and red glosses aren’t your type, try deeper shades with additional moisture.Unlike the drying effect of long lasting lippies, these have a slight plumping effect and reduce the appearance of lines.Your tactic for the eyes? Steer clear from harsh black lines.A thick liner can weight down the lid.Cheat the wide eyed Bambi look by swapping charcoal for chocolate shades.Diffuse the strictness of the lines by blending and smudging colours towards the outer corners .Be light handed with the mascara and pay special attention to curling and defining the smaller lashes around the corners.

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P.S- Special thanks to Nafisa for suggesting the name Wise She Mag-a- bite  and Shweta for the snippet ..I love my Wise She team :-*

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  1. guys this is just a tip im sharing.. u kno how in the side box color tattoo is shown as an anti ageing product… the orange colour tattoo works fab as a corrector… esp for panda eyes that im prone to getting.. dab it on clean moisturised under eye area n top with concealer…


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