Xpression Blue Heaven Sparkling Eye shadow Review & Swatch


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Blue heaven, which presents itself as a brand that symbolises “City Girls City Style”, is a very popular brand among youngsters as it manufactures some great quality products at dirt cheap prices. It has a great range of lipsticks, kajal, foundations, blushes and so on. They also have some innovative skincare products to take care of our skin too. Recently, Blue Heaven has launched a number of new makeup products and this one that I am going to review now is one of them. This is the Xpression Blue Heaven Sparkling eyeshadow in a stick. Yes! Read on to know how I feel about this baby.


Xpression Blue Heaven Sparkling eye shadow

What does the brand claim:

Blue Heaven Xpression Eye Shadow is a new makeup style with the help of which you can create sharp and precise lines around the eyes. It is pencil shape make easy for application as eye shadow and as eyeliner both. Blue Heaven Eyeshadow liner makes even the smallest eyes appear larger, graceful and colourful. The Blue Heaven Xpression eye shadow suits not only to any outfit but also to all occasions, so just wear with confidence.

How to apply this eyeshadow:

On the Blue heaven web site, a detailed procedure and some tricks are there on how to apply this eyeshadow perfectly.

  • Carefully Choose the best-suited colour, start with a completely bare eye.
  • Apply colour across eyelids and blend upward into creases.
  • For added definition, glide pencil along your upper lash lines and extend outward like a wing.
  • Starting with the upper lashes, dot the pencil into the spaces between the lashes. The result is not supposed to be a line, it supposes to look as if the lashes themselves are super thick at the root.
  • Finish with one Coat of Blue Heaven Mascara to curve lashes up and down compare eye to other naked eye and see you will be surprised.

Blue Heaven expression sparkling eyeshadow


60 INR


2.5 gms


On their website, this ingredient list is mentioned.

Ricinus Communis, Vegetable Wax, BHT Propyl Paraben and May contain Cl 77499, Cl77891, Cl 77491, Cl77007, Cl 77288

Blue Heaven sparkling eye shadow


The Blue Heaven Xpression stick eyeshadow comes in a chubby stick form that is silver in colour. The cap is made of plastic and is transparent through which we can see the colour of the shadow. On the stick, the name of the brand as well as the term “Sparkling eyeshadow” is mentioned. No other details is mentioned on the stick itself. Overall I really am not happy with the packaging. It looks kind of very cheap and flimsy.


Golden brown


The texture is really smooth and glides well.


Xpression blue heaven sparkling eye shadow


Medium pigmentation is there.

What do I feel about this eyeshadow:


Xpression Blue Heaven Sparkling eye shadow eye swatch


The concept of this eyeshadow is really unique and a perfect option for beginners who find it hard to blend and apply eyeshadows with a brush. Even for someone who is in a hurry, this kind of stick eyeshadows is a boon. You can just open the cap anywhere and apply the product and blend it with your fingers. There are a number of shades available in this range which is a big pro! The cost is really affordable and you get a decently pigmented eyeshadow in a stick which is easy to apply and remove. I won’t say this is the best product from Blue Heaven but I kind of like it and is definitely on my good list.


I will recommend this stick eyeshadow to everyone who wants an easy eyeshadow application on the go but mostly, to beginners who want to make their eyes pop without a fuss.


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