Yardley English Rose Luxurious Facial Foam Face Wash Review


Yardley English Rose Luxurious Facial Foam Face Wash Review

Okay… here’s the deal. If you leave me in a shop for 10 minutes and allow me to browse, and I find a product priced under 500 rupees with the word “rose” on it, then I probably will buy it, unless I find it vile. And when I saw this, I pounced on it, because I have used its twin for dry skin, and found it pretty nice, and well, why not use the one meant for oily to combination skin?

Yardley English Rose Luxurious Facial Foam Face Wash Review+face wash for oily skin

Well, I picked it up and ran back home to try it.

I love you Yardley.

For giving me 50 gms of English Rose scented face wash at 70/-.

Okay, I will stop.

Yardley English Rose Foam Face Wash Review+natural face wash

Anyway, here’s what Yardley has to say: The anti-oxidant packed energizing face wash cleanses intensely to remove deep seated impurities and oiliness. The citrus extracts of grapefruit refresh and balance the skin to make it glowing and toned, leaving it clean, revitalized and delicately fragrant. For combination to oily skin

I would have to say, this face wash is rapidly becoming my everyday face wash, simply because of three reasons.

  1. It does not strip my skin off oil at all.
  2. Gives my skin a hydrated, nourished, and soft feel, and a lovely glow
  3. Is really gentle and has not broken me out at all
Yardley rose face wash reviews+yardley english rose
I have checked the product list and noted that there is grapefruit extract in this, and it cleans up my skin and gives it a glow. It has not broken me out at all, and I am currently using it twice daily. Besides that, the beautiful smell of roses linger on my skin for an hour or so afterwards (happy time! However, sensitive noses might hate it). The other gorgeous fact about this is, it does not leave any icky residue, nor does it have paraben or SLS in it. it cleans my skin quite well, and the only thing it cannot remove are makeup which should be removed with makeup remover (i.e. waterproof makeup).

Yardley English Rose Luxurious Facial Foam Face Wash INGREDIENTS+good face wash

The product ingredient list is short, simple and that is what matters, I think. I find the packaging really elegant and pretty. I love the flip top cap which makes it super easy to carry around (as the package is sturdy) and also very hygienic. I also adore the way the creamy face wash foams up lightly, but not overmuch. It does not take much to remove it, and I have noted, that my skin is not stripped off oil at all. People with oily skin should use it.

Pros:Yardley English Rose Luxurious Facial Foam Face Wash:-

  • Gorgeous smell of roses
  • Elegant and travel-friendly packaging
  • Really mild on my skin but cleans my skin well
  • Makes my face glow for a short time
  • Did not break me out at all
  • No paraben or SLS on ingredient list
  • Inexpensive

Cons:Yardley English Rose Luxurious Facial Foam Face Wash:-

  • Smell might be too much for a few

Verdict: 5/5

Overall, I am really pleased with this face wash and would recommend it to anyone who has oily to combination skin and an addiction towards roses.

Have you tried Yardley English Rose Luxurious Facial Foam Face Wash?

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  1. It’s quite uncomfortable if we own oily facial skin. Also, it’s quite not easy to treat this issue. However, there is a great solution, that is using a good face wash for oily skin product. Thank you so much for sharing this product. I will try this and hope for a great result for my skin.


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