Yarrow Flower And Its Uses


Yarrow Flower And Its Uses

When Earth whispered Love, it gave us this flower named as Yarrow. Well this is one amazing flower which is not only beautiful but contains amazing qualities that could fill an entire book. It is a wonder herb which is being used from ages and I heartily wish it continues long in future as well.

Yarrow Flower can be easily found on grassland, it is a wild plant which doesn’t need any maintenance and could take care of itself very well. You can find this plant with flowers at many places like other side of the roads or any drained ground.

Today we will discuss all about Yarrow flower, How to use it and its benefits.


Skin Problems

Yarrow has some extraordinary abilities to deal with skin problems. Someone who is facing problems like rashes and broken skin, yarrow will work wonder for them. Applying the paste of Yarrow flower or drinking a tea made with it and mint can help a lot. This tea will not only make you feel refresh but will relieve from the constant itching.

There are many lotions and ointments are available which use this flower as ingredient. Also for cracked heels, one can dip his/her foot in the warm water tub with Yarrow flowers and can treat the cracked heels!

Yarrow for Fevers and flu

Yarrow Herb Tea

Yarrow is best known for its quality of relieving from fever and gives an instant relief from flu, common cold etc.

Boil Yarrow Flower and a pinch of black pepper in 2 cups water. Boil till it reduces to 1 cup, add the yarrow tea leaves along with milk and boil it again for 3-4 minutes. Drink it before hitting bed. While asleep the body temperature will start to rise and one may start sweating! Well, this is a clear indication that your cold & flu will vanish away the next morning!

For Circulation

This can be used to treat high blood pressure. It improves blood circulation and is quite relevant in the Medical Science. Yarrow if is chewed once in a week tones your blood and can improve the circulation.

For Healing Wounds

This is Yarrow’s most ancient use. As discussed above, it is a very popular herb  and is capable of curing about 135 problems.

To stop bleeding, wet flowers of yarrow can be placed externally on the wound. It stops the blood and starts the process of healing. Also it minimizes the pain.

Some people have experienced itching on wound while applying this flower on fresh wound; in this case it is advisable not to use these flowers.

You can also sprinkle finely powdered dried yarrow leaves for healing minor wounds.

Urinary Infections

Yarrow can be very useful for people who suffer from urinary infections and itching on private parts. This flower if taken regularly can become a good urinary anti-septic and can help with the overall problem. With a little patience and daily usage, it can do wonders.

Wash one Yarrow flower and chew it with cold or lukewarm water. This should be done daily in the morning before consuming anything else.

Important Notes: Yarrow should be strictly avoided during pregnancy. Also Yarrow is not for people whose bodies are very allergic and sensitive.

Did you know about Yarrow Flower And Its Uses?

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