Yarrow Tea And Its Benefits


Yarrow Tea And Its Benefits

Found mostly in the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere in Asia, Europe, and North America, Yarrow is a flowering plant that is known for its multiple healing and medicinal properties.

Yarrow is botanically known as Achillea millefolium and other different names are Soldier’s Woundwort, Bloodwort, Old Man’s Pepper, Milfoil, Staunchweed, Carpenter’s Weed, Thousand Leaf Clover Achillia, Dog Daisy and Nosebleed.

Yarrow Herb Tea

It is an erect herbaceous perennial plant that has highly segmented leaves and bears ray and disk flowers which are white to pink. The branches, flowers and leaves of the plant are used to make yarrow tea.



Popular as a healing herb throughout the world, let us now go through its benefits.

  • Yarrow tea is known for is its exceptional anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to combat stomach cramps, flatulence, gastritis, arthritis and enteritis. The high anti-inflammatory properties help in reducing the swelling and also the pain.
  • Yarrow tea is also known for holding astringent and antiseptic properties. Thus it can also be used to help speed the healing of minor cuts and wounds. No wonder it was used by ancient Greeks as a healing herb to heal minor cuts and scrapes. The herb can cure lacerations, abrasions and puncture wounds.
  • Just brew yarrow tea and have sips to promote digestion as well as relieve indigestion.
  • Yarrow tea has a sedative effect so drinking the tea can help you relax after a stressful, hectic day and also help you sleep peacefully.

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  • This tea facilitates easy menstrual flow and also relieves you from intolerable cramping. Women with irregular periods can get benefits from its usage.
  • Yarrow tea can ease the discomfort and pain of hemorrhoids.
  • Yarrow herb is a diuretic and thus cleanses and detoxifies the body. The diuretic properties of this tea remove toxins in the body, help prevent unwanted bladder infections and promote the strong function of the urinary tract. It is a great way to revive yourself from within while increasing your energy level and your overall well-being.

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Relives Water Retention

  • The tea can ease the effects of water retention. So no plumpy face and under eye bags 😉
  • It gives relief from coughs, helps to clear congestion in the respiratory tract, thus further easing chest infections and also preventing the infection from coming back. Thus, it is beneficial to those persons suffering from asthma. It relieves sinus infections as well.
  • Yarrow helps regulate blood pressure and have a positive effect on cardiovascular issues.
  • It has amazing blood clotting properties which are good for treating bleeding bowels, urinary bleeding, uterine haemorrhage and bleeding ulcers.
  • Yarrow tea is a great appetite booster. It also facilitates bile flow in the gallbladder. This in turn enhances digestive capability in the body and thwarts gallstone formation.
  • Chew the fresh leaves to relieve toothache.
  • It helps in the overall treatment of liver problems.

Words of Caution:

If you are pregnant, never, never take yarrow in any form, because its ability to relax the smooth muscle of the uterus could cause miscarriage. Yarrow can cause severe allergic skin rashes and prolonged use can increase the skin’s photosensitivity. So, CONSULT your Doctor before you plan to take yarrow tea or yarrow in any other forms.

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