Nykaa Nail Paints First Impression


Nykaa Nail Paints First Impression

Nykaa is one of the most shopped e-portal in India. Today, it is like an ultimate destination for makeup shopping. After all makeup products now available with them, they went ahead to introduce their own line of nail paints. This has come across as a nice change and surprise after they exhibited all other brands on their website.

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Recently, as we shared with you, they had sent us their own range of 4 pretty colors which are – STRAWBERRY TART, MIDNIGHT CRAVING, CRANBERRY CRUMLE and WILDBERRY. All the 4 colors are really good and I love them. I am definitely going to use all the colors in the future. The retail price of the same is INR 179.

Let me take you through all the colors for a better insight into their quality as good nail paint.

nykaa nail paints

Nail Paint Shades


It is perfect for time when you do want super shiny nails that last longer than regular polishes. The exclusive high-reflection nail polish formula guarantees one stroke, high gloss and gel-like perfection. It contains a UV filter to prevent discoloration and yellowing. Very berry pink conquers the pale blue and greys. You cannot ask for more at these prices, can you? I am sure you would also love this one, like I do. It is definitely a shade to love and die for. I am in love with it for sure. The finesse on my hands looks just awesome.


Let the sight of the inky night sky embrace you. As you dip your nails in mid night craving watch your dreams unfold with a blue that beget splendor. It actually looks like sky in the night with a beautiful navy blue color which will pop out your look in night. You would not deny loving it once you apply it on your nails. The color, the finish is all poetic enough to take you back to your dreams of lying under the stars. A pretty color for sure!

nykaa nailpaints shades


It is a plum shade which will go perfect in summer as well as spring. It is a very girly and bubbly kind of shade and look really pretty on any hands. The shade is definitely going to appeal to you in all types of weathers, seasons and time of the day. The color is not going to be out of your mind for a long time. I sure love it.


It is maroon shade which looks really elegant and classy on anybody. It is little party kind of shade you can wear on everyday basis as well. A perfect office wear, day time wear and even a night time wear with a dark outfit. It is the kind of color you would love to carry on ad hoc basis to your outings etc., without any concern of your outfit. This one goes with your normal pair of denims or your kurti and skirt without any matching menace.

I am sure you are going to love these nail paints. This first impression was enough to make me drool over them. Wait for our review and swatches of the same. Till then, if anyone of you has tried these shades already, or any other from Nykaa, we would love to absorb them too.

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