Yoghurt and egg hair conditioner with step by step pictures

We woman try many market hair conditioner to get those soft hair and shiny hair.They do help but with them our hair needs extra conditioning too .Below hair conditioner promises shiny and soft hair after using it for the first time.It is quiet easy to make this conditioner and in fact I always enjoy making it.All ingredients of this conditioner are pretty much available in the market at minimal cost.


To start with it take half cup yoghurt or depending upon your hair length you can increase or decrease the quantity.Yoghurt is a gentle cleanser which was used by women in olden days to clean their hair.Its creamy texture clears the pored of the scalp and helps in promoting hair growth.It is high in lactic acid which add shine to our hair and make them smooth too.It is always easy to comb our hair after using yoghurt on our hair.



Add a raw egg and pour it into the yoghurt.Eggs helps in strengthening the root of the hair and helps in repairing damaged hair.Eggs also helps in premature hair loss and will makes hair silky.


 Cut one banana into pieces and add them with yoghurt and egg.Banana provides moisture to the hair and gives a protective layer to them.Banana is great for those who have damaged hair.Banana naturally builds its own moisture level and helps in curing dry flaky scalp.


 Add 1tbsp of lemon juice into the mixture.We all know benefits of lemon, it is a natural astringent which helps in cleaning the hair.Lemon always helps when it is diluted .Applying lemon directly into hair may bleach the hair therefore using it this way helps in reaping benefits of lemon without damaging or drying your hair.


Add 1tsp of vitamin E oil.I used one capsule of vitamin E  as my hair are not that dry.Dry hair people can add 1tsp of olive or vitamin E oil.Those who have oily hair can avoid adding any oil in it or if they have  tea tree oil then it will be great if they add it into the mixture.



Put all the ingredients into a mixer grinder and blend all the ingredients.Shampoo your hair first and massage this mixture gently into your scalp.Let the mixture set for 15-20 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water.You can use this hair conditioner as often as you want to make your hair shiny , soft and lustrous.

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  1. Asha if you add lemon juice in any pack of egg they wont smell..and yur egg mask for removing black head is fantastic dear..Thanks for such great tips..it makes wiseshe more informative with the help of girls like you:)

  2. Hi ..this will condition your hair but wont help in hair fall much..try thishttps://www.wiseshe.com/2010/09/hair-growth-oil-with-step-by-step.htmland rub onion juice on bald spot.

  3. hi..pls tell me something for extremely dry hair and for hair falling also..i lose everyday around 100 to 150 hair strands..pls help

  4. Hello, i am losing hair from the front of my head…can you please help me with some good solution.
    Also, all of a sudden, i have started getting painful pimples on my face, so get rid of them, on one of the pimple i had applied garlic paste..and got my skin burned from tht area…can you pls tell wht should i do now…and wht is the best solution of acne…painful acne..

      • I already tried it out ha ha 🙂 . Actually went by the tutorial and made too much quantity 🙁 , my hairs are not so long as compared to u girlz na 😛 … any ways do u have any thing for bighting the eyes my eyes are always red and tired, lifeless in short. some times I think of using that dabur rose petals but dont exactly now how to use if for eyes ….

  5. Hi, I really liked ur posts and the way u solve remedies of everybody. I have one probkem too it would b really great if you help me in that. Basically I have so many grey hairs coming out in my head and even my black hair are also turning grey from root which is very stressing thing for me. Im not that old to have grey hairs im only 21 😥 I have very short hairs and thick fringe and this hair style makes the grey hair to stand out more. Please help me 😥
    Thanku :inlove:

  6. Hi All!

    I am new to this group… definitely giving this a try now… Have left my hair unattended for the last 1 year and now it is totally damaged… Wish all the tips here, helps me in getting my lustrous hair back!

  7. Hi anamika
    I am using onion juice on my scalp but my hair are too much dry… But removal of eggs from hair takes too much time and sometimes breakage of hair I noticed after washing egg mask from hair then what should I do


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