You killed me Gautam Vora!!!


Earlier Viveka Babajee may not be known to many  but now when she is no more everybody knows her. This is because former Indian supermodel committed suicide by hanging herself at her suburban Bandra resident last Friday.

I have many things to say on this and this is because I am someone who has always try to know God , life and destiny with whatever little brain  I have.
According to media Viveka committed suicide due to her failed personnel relationship with Gautam Vora. Viveka was 37 year old and became a super model .She was one of the most sought after faces nationally and internationally in the fashion world. She became miss Mauritius in 1994 and then there was no looking back. She was even running her own business while doing modelling simultaneously.
This shows that girl was not weak. Only A girl with strong will power can achieve so much .An achievement which many of us can only dream off. Then what made her so weak that she took this drastic step.
Viveka didn’t leave any stone unturned to kill herself. She left even the knob of the kitchen gas open so that if suicide fails at least this work. This can be done by a person who knows how to do things in perfect manner because generally it is seen that many people try suicide but somewhere or the other their attempts fails because while doing it their will power or heart crashes down.
I am not praising her for her suicide .I am hundred percent against suicide but I am not able to understand is this that a girl who is so smart and independent can go so weak when it comes to relationship.
She met Gautam vora just a month back and was looking for marriage (as per media).Wasn’t that too early for her to decide? She was not in her 40’s that she will be desperate to get married and neither it was her first relationship. She had previous failed relationship too from which she moved on and that is why she allowed the guy to enter into her life.

Same happened to Nafisa Joseph (former Channel V VJ) She committed suicide because the guy backed out. Why do women become so weak in their relationship that they think of destroying themselves and leave behind their parents distraught .What about friends and family who nurtured them or who cared for them?
In the end they give their life for someone who refuses to care for them.
All I want to say is-

It is better to give life for those who care for us rather than to those who are not worth of it.

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  1. Hmmm…Only she would know for sure why she chose to take this step, but I do hope she found her peace now. And please, NOBODY is worth taking your own life for!

  2. Sometimes, we are put in situations and events that breakdown even the strong willed. Or we show grit & determination in one aspect of our life, and become absolute dependants in another. I just hope that God gives Viveka's parents & friends the strenght to deal with this loss…

  3. all this just makes me sad..suicide for a guy , whom you have not even married yet..this is really really sad..and why do all the celebrities end up so weak emotionally..


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